National Assembly Service Commission(NASC); Putting A Round Peg In A Round Hole, Under The Leadership Of Engr Ahmed Amshi Kadi FNSE.

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By Abubakar Yusuf
Since his appointment, inauguration by President Muhammadu Buhari and assumption of duty as the new Chairman,National Assembly Service Commission NASC,Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi and engineer turned a robust adminstrator per excellence’s leadership within the short stint, had being driven by passion,merit, hardwork, transparency and naked accountability.
No doubt,less than one year in office,the already low morale of staffers as a result of irrational decisions not in tandem with the progress and developement of our nations highest law making body, taken by the previous leadership, both at the commission and by extension the Legislative arm, was relived to soothe the current new order initiated by the new top notcher.
Kadi met a highly volatile and demoralized system were personal interest was against the official norm,and the complete erosion of official transactions dissolve into favouratism and opportunism,hence affected in great measure,the needed productivity template, that will drive the Commission, and by extension had affected negatively the day to day activities of the National Assembly.
Not discouraged by the polluted environment characterise by indecision and imposed order,the new helmsman brought to bear his wealth of experience attained for many decades, both in public service and political appointements, to redirect the Commission into a productive and generally accepted practice.
This new development had put staffers of the Commission and National Assembly on their toes, and part of redressing the many years of glaring anomaly,that had affected the perfomance indices of the individuals and overall body into great danger, through timely intervention by the new Commission.
Therefore his assumption of office had been filled with activities geared towards restoration of good practices against visible indecisions, both at the commission,the regulator and the National Assembly.
It is an era of business unusual,reward for productivity and sanctions for sharp practices and low productivity in the Commission,and by extension,the National Assembly.
Engr Kadi FNSE asserted through his decisions and actions that the era of ‘anything goes’ is no longer in vogue,as hardwork,dilligence, loyalty and ability to achieve results within a given period is sancrosanct.
His uttter detest and reservation by members of the Commission attached to the National Assembly that it’s operations is under the watch of the Commission was reversed,redressed and redirected in line with the new Leadership.
The political influence and interference that subsume the staffers of the Commission deployed to the National Assembly, was seen as a complete negation and disservice to the activities of the parent body, under his nose and the new Commission.
This ill decision had led to so many confrontation against the service and lay down procedures of the Commission, that had brought the activities backward,hence will affect the mandate and perfomance indices set out by the new Head.
The Commission became a beehive of a body characterise by various manipulations from age of service’ to lay down procedures, that affected perfomance, productivity and encourage various degree of inanaities.
This developement according to the new Commission must be redress without further delay, that led to the sweeping of over 150 top Management staff,that operated against the service conditions, and by extension the civil service rules on years of service and age.
He reaffirmed and acted in line with the public service rules that specified 60 years of age and 35 years of service for workers, that returned sanity, uncertainty,under hand lobby and undue influence that characterise the service and it’s staffers.
Staffers of the Commission and those attached to the National Assembly with clear negation against the procedure, were shown the way out,while others who merited various appointments were brought on board, that restored utter sanity to the Commission.
The new Commission under Engr Kadi did not waist time to bring on board new staffers purely on merit, and kicked the ground running towards achieving the loftly ideas under which his leadership operates.
This developement has sent signals of reward for hardwork and set the ball rolling in line with the expectations of the leadership of the Commission and the National Assembly, that desire seamless and synergy from it’s staffers for maximum productivity.
Hence during the visit to the Commission by the Newly appointed Clerk to the National Assembly, Architect Amos Olatunde Ojo and it’s team,The Chairman of the Commission specifically mentioned the subservience of appointees to the National Assembly to it’s decisions in all ramifications, and frowned against the old order of political interference and undue power play, that was prevalent before his assumption of duty.
He promised to monitor the activities of it’s staffers deployed to the National Assembly, effect needful changes and reward hardwork while presenting the vision and mission plaque to the new Ag Clerk to the National Assembly then in his office.
Matching his words with his actions, Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi confirm the appointments of the new CNA and others,while appointing others to various positions within the Commission and the National Assembly, including the New Clerk to the House of Representatives.
With this new initiatives,the new era under the leadership of the Chairman of the Commission, has obviously started in earnest with determination to achieve great public service and result oriented Commission, in years to come.
This developement will enhance more productivity,explore more avenues with a view to achieving unique and well articulated results to the Commission.
Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja And Is A Public Affairs Analyst.

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