My Open Advice to Workers of the Judiciary

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By Dr Tosin Jide
It is strange when I hear people saying GYB has refused to pay judiciary workers .It amazes me how that people just take a stand based on assumptions and not facts.
It is on record that judiciary workers were never owed salaries even when the general civil service screening was on going. They were paid monthly without any arrears. Having established that, it is not against the law to review the financial activities of the judiciary since State Government is responsible for their monthly salaries .
A simple request was made which is Table Payment to ensure payment of salaries and staff verification simultaneously. This is to block leakages but to my greatest surprise, this was met with stiff resistance.
I asked myself the follow question :
* Why the stiff resistance ?
* If I am paying you, do I not have the right to review the activities of my workers. ?
* Is there something hidden ?
* Who exactly is against this review amongst the judiciary workers?
* Why will the union take the CJ, GYB and Kogi State Government to industrial court?
Incase you don’t know , Judiciary workers salary is up to date fully deposited in the bank awaiting the day they will be willing to allow Table Payment . We must give room to every opportunity to make our state better.
As a nobody, i advice that judiciary workers agree to Table Payment and get all their outstanding paid at once . The payment of your monthly salary is in your hands .
This is my humble advice as a nobody !
Dr Tosin Jide
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