Reply. Dr Tosin Jide: My Open Advice to Workers of the Judiciary

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By Joseph Benjamin.
The question that they have cleverly been avoiding is this: Under what law did they deposit the salary of judicial workers in the bank?
Secondly why have they not given the judiciary money for its running expenses?
The simple answer is that the constitution has not distinguished between running expenses of the judiciary and salary.
Secondly the constitution says that money accruing to the judiciary should be paid to the heads of court, not deposited in the bank at the whims and caprices of the Governor.
Thirdly the constitution has provided ways by which the money given to the judiciary is to be audited.
The judiciary has never shirked away from its account being audited.
Perhaps the executive, exemplified by the said Dr Tosin Jide, can read the constitution to be better educated that the governor does not pay judicial workers and will be never be called upon to account for funds disbursed to the judiciary.

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