KOGI EAST; 84 Days Senator, Fruitless and Impact less Representation of A General.

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Just like a twinkle of an eye, 84 days after the swearing in of AM Isaac Mohammed Alfa(Rtd), of PDP, as senator representing the area, after the over four years legal fireworks and denial of development and empowerment programs of the people by the Air force general, the natural end has done on both the victor and the vanquished, with the people of the area at the loosing end. 

Before the winding up of the 8th Senate today, I was imagining how a former Air force general turned controversial senator, will come to terms that the battle he had fought will all his strength, connections and weight including his life fortunes that is meant to augment the less privileges in his immediate community of Inye, is now construed to mere nomenclature of a senator without any positive multiplier effects on his immediate community and by extension Kogi east.

What he had achieved out of this bitter political rivalry between his sons contemporary, out of non recognition of his new status even by his platform PDP, was 84 days, wasted at a crucial time national budget was been presented and defended for optimum advantage of the federating states and local governments, with no impacts as jerk of all trade senator, who attended all the budget defence, but no input, unlike his predecessor, a ranking senator and former chairman senate committee on Sustainable Development Goals, a global intervention agency meant to mitigate development in developing countries like Nigeria.

In fact within this period of 84 days senators stint, in the normal procedure of the National Assembly, salaries/ allowances of lawmakers and aids will not be ready for assessment, even though two weeks on assumption of office, from the grapevine, the new senator had already inunaldated the senate leadership of bogus personal requests of his welfare, instead of the constituency he represented.

As jerk of all trade senator, attending all committees of the Senate without recourse to any responsibility,only succeded in denying the people of kogi east their constituency project fund, that may have translated to more boreholes, more transformers,more hospital equipment, more rural roads, and more empowerment items,capacity building equipement and training as well as fertiliser to ameliorate the sufferings of our farmers and assist greatly in this year’s farming season. 

Having realised the earlier impression and position of the Senate, contrary to his countenance that all accruals interms of constituency project funds, salaries and allowances of his predecessor and above all,his tenure will be extended to be a ruse, Kogi east senator is now left in his own imagination to battle over a failed adventure.

Although as a former general, the impression of not loosing battle of all shades and opinion was already innate,and had prevailed above his conjecture throughout the over 4 years keen litigation, that had dragged his constituency back to the oblivion.   

Even though senator Atai Aidoko Ali unperturbed by his inactions and multiple litigations was able to avail his constituency with over 50 boreholes,48 transformers,a town hall at the palace of Attah of Igala, hospital and hospital equipment, donated empowerment items like sewing machines, grinding machines, attracted over 1 billion naira project of NABDA to Idah in Igala land in the 8th senate. 

Not done with his pull me down syndrome that is legendary from his day in the service of Nigeria Air force ,the abrupt senator is at it again,having failed in his bid to contest the last election ,returned to his legal base,but loosed in the trial court of FHC and Appeal court,with the last lap at the Supreme court. 

It is unlike the 2015 pre-election litigation that saw kogi east as the major victim,after travelling to the apex court twice,posterity is already at work for not going the way of the court preferred general,as the tw lower court decisions had left him on the other side.  

It is sober, for a former service chief turned politician, expected to make a patriotic efforts towards amelorating the myriads or security problems in Igala land,paid deaf ears all through,and preferred to rip where he did not sow,is already an aberration to the socio- political and economic development of Kogi east.

It behoves on all to have learnt his lessons deliberately at the expense of the entire Igala race,and advisably desist from further efforts aimed at placing kogi east politically disadvantaged in the comity of constituencies in Nigeria 

Abubakar Yusuf Is A Public Commentator 

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