Judges And Kadis of Kogi State Judiciary Go On Annual Vacation

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Judges and Kadis of Kogi State Judiciary have proceeded on annual vacation which commences from Monday, 5th August, 2019 and ends on Sunday, 22nd September, 2019. Normal court sittings will begin on Monday, 23rd September, 2019.

Notice to this effect was issued from the Chambers of the Chief Judge of Kogi State, Hon. Justice Nasiru Ajanah, under Order 9 Rule (4)(2) of the High Court (Civil Procedure Rules), 2006.

A vacation Judge has been appointed in the person of his lordship, Hon. Justice Abdul Nicodemus Awulu of the High Court of Justice, Kogi State. He will be attending to urgent criminal and civil matters arising from across the state while sitting in Lokoja during the period of the vacation. Such matters or motions, according to the notice, must not only be urgent but will be entertained by the Vacation Judge if they are filed within the confines of the law.

The notice reads in part: “Hon. Justice A. N. Awulu of the High Court of Justice, Kogi State, shall be the Vacation Judge to attend to urgent criminal matters and urgent civil motions throughout the State in Lokoja. Such matters or motions, must not only be urgent, but will, be entertained by leave of the court made pursuant to application by both parties.”

The Vacation Court will be sitting in Court 4 at the headquarters of the Kogi State Judiciary along Hassan Katsina Way, Lokoja on each working day.

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