“He struggled with me until he became lifeless on his bed” 20 years old man who killed father says

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According to The Nigerian Tribune Online, it was reported that a 20-year-old suspect, whose name was given simply as Ridwan, who allegedly strangled his septuagenarian father, Yisau Adewale to death, has revealed how he killed the deceased.

It was reported that the suspect, made the disclosure during an interview with Saturday Tribune at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Eleweran, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

While he was narrating, he said, “In the evening of the fateful day, I was at home with my father while my mother had gone to the farm. I came in from outside where I was to pick my small phone from where I put it. My father was in his room and called me from there as I turned to leave. He handed me his cup, asking me to get him some water.

As I took the cup from him, I just grabbed him on the neck and strangled him. He struggled with me until he became lifeless on his bed. As I saw that he was dead, I took a knife and cut off his penis and scrotum. They were the body parts I was told to bring for the money ritual.”

He said he also used the knife he held to slice his neck, and to remove his head, but it was the type used to peel cassava and was not good for the job, so he removed his Adam’s apple. Shortly after, his younger brother came in, and when he heard sound, he shut the door to his father’s room.

He said, “My brother was unaware of my actions, and he initially went to a different room in the house. During this time, I briefly left the house and then returned.

“It was when my brother went to daddy’s room that he saw his lifeless body in blood. In response, he let out a loud scream and raised an alarm. I desperately covered his mouth, pleading with him not to shout, but he remained undeterred, continuing to raise his voice. Knowing that I had already obtained the body parts I required from my father, I quickly made my escape through the back door and left with them.”

“I thought of quickly returning to Ibadan to give the body parts to the native doctor. I hid in an unoccupied hut. Meanwhile, the news had spread, and security people as well as vigilante group were searching for me. They found me in my hiding place at midnight,” he said.

Reports indicated that the deceased’s mother, along with her other children, have been sent out by the deceased’s family, as she has reportedly denied access to take anything from the family home, except for the clothes she was wearing on the day of the incident.

In response to this situation, the Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, condemned the suspect’s actions, describing them as bastardly. He also stated that the police detectives were actively working to apprehend any potential accomplice(s) involved in the case.

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