Gov. Bello's administration has negelected the future of the state-Melaye

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SENATOR Dino Melaye has said that the present administration in the state has neglected the future of the state by neglecting the youth a situation he described as a timed bomb, ready to explode if proper steps are not taken.

Speaking in Lokoja while meeting with PDP delegates, the PDP Governorship aspirants stressed that “Even the Holy Scripture says that the youth are the strength of a Nation”.

He further expressed his love and passion for the state and his preparedness to redeem the state from maladministration extrusions and it’s present infrastructural and economic woes.

“We are going to explore the energy both physical and mental to gainfully and productively engage them. We have lots of intellectually vibrant youth in the state that if properly explore, have what we need as a state to be self reliance”

“We have myopic and intellectual stagnant people at the helm of affairs in kogi State, which is responsible for the multiple challenges the state is faced with.

” This contest is a contest for men with rechargable liver and with the support of God and the kogi State PDP delegates, I have the sagacity, I have the tenacity and the capacity to take over power in Lugard House.

He assured the people of the state that his administration will embarked on rapid development interns of infrastructural development through out the state.

“All the aspirants that came before me, I want you to know that all that they have I have, but what i have they don’t have” he submitted.

The delegates in their responses said that “We are hoping and believing on you to rescue Kogi State”

The Director General of the campaign team, Ambassador Isaac Onu said that for PDP to win this election, we need a man with Heart and the best man for the task is Senator Dino Melaye.

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