Gov. Bello is Ready For Primaries, Not Appealing For Automatic Ticket– Says Kogi Central Media Crew.

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The Kogi Central Media Crew has for some weeks been watching keenly how some political desperados have taken over the social media brandishing unfounded lies about Governor Yahaya Bello, the 4th Executive Governor of Kogi State who recently declared his intention for reelection.

Such embittered hearts have only displayed their mischief and hate, in the name of stopping the people oriented Governor from reoccupying the Lugard House for the second term. Such allegations as many as they were, were only concocted and orchestrated by enemies of progress whose beliefs was not to progress the State but to enrich their pockets and that of their cronies as experienced before the incumbent came to power.

It came not as a surprise to the voice of Progressives in Kogi Central as in the past several plans and mischievous gang ups were made but to the glory of God Almighty, they were all casted to dustbins. Little wonder then, that they have pulled together all their resources to witch hunt Governor Bello, however, their evil machinations will not see the light of the day.

From false allegation of Sen. Bola Tinubu having interest in who becomes the next Governor of Kogi State by working for Hon. James Abiodun Faleke… Adams Oshiomhole’s refusal to give Governor Bello return ticket… and to 38 months salaries owed workers; as the list was endless, they’ve all crashed like pack of cards. It baffled us how some politicians actually reason! Quite some days ago, they came up again with the Alhaji Ado Ibrahim purported interview which they made viral as if it were the election result. The manner with which the article was shared forces one to wonder whether the proponents of such interview have brains at all. The mother of lies was later formulated when they alleged Governor Bello’s decamping to Accord Party because Oshiomhole denied him the return ticket, hence, his removal of the APC Flag from Kogi Government House. If not political dwarfism and desperate urge for power, how could politicians in their right senses dwell on such myopic ideas. The question is this; during the immediate past administration of Wada and his predecessor, was PDP flag hoisted in front of the glorified Government House gate then?

At this juncture, Kogi Central Media Crew will bold to make it public that the fear of Governor Yahaya Bello’s return is the beginning of their misadventures. His declaration for reelection no doubt sent shivers down their spine, hence, all these formulations and machinations that won’t stand the test of time. However hard they plan and whoever is involved, failure shall surely be their portion and before their very eyes, GYB will be reelected for second term.

On the issue of return ticket, the enemies of progress have goofed. Governor Yahaya Bello has not for once begged for automatic ticket from the Party and will not do that despite the fact that he has done a lot for the Party and much well in governance. Such political prowess as was demonstrated by him during the last general elections and the follow up State Assembly elections where he garnered all the State Legislative seats for APC is a record that would remain indelible in Kogi partisan politics.

GYB’s enemies who were shouting no return ticket for him were only doing no good to themselves as the Governor is fully prepared for Party primaries, be it direct or indirect. Since the President, Muhammadu Buhari went through Primaries, Governor Yahaya Bello would not ask for anything less but fully prepared to contest the primaries. So, all the so called APC elders Forum and those making noises around should prepare and meet the Governor at the primaries while the good for nothing but corrupt minded opposition should energize themselves and meet the people’s Governor during the gubernatorial polls come November, 2nd.

The detribalized Governor who has given sense of belonging to all irrespective of tongues, religion, age and sex is poised to attract the much needed development to Kogi State via his policies and development oriented programmes. Today, a number of projects that have direct bearings on the lives of the people have been executed while some are ongoing and these were evenly distributed among the three (3) districts without sentiments or favour. Therefore, for the progress of our dear State, the need for his Continuity remains sacrosanct. On this ground, we hereby appeal to all Kogi sons and daughters to see reasons and reelect Governor Yahaya Bello for second term as its the sure bet to progress and development.

~ Kogi Central Media Crew.

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