False Allegations: Kogi Deputy Governor Apology From Chief Edward Onoja.

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The Kogi State Deputy Governor, Elder Simon Achuba, has demanded the immediate and public retraction of a publication made against him by Chief Edward Onoja, the Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor.
The Chief of Staff to the governor at a town hall meeting held in Onyedega had allegedly made some sweeping remarks against the Deputy Governor, an action that saddened the latter, leading to the demand for retraction and apology by Elder Simon Achuba.
In a letter of service made on behalf of Elder Simon Achuba by his lawyers, G.O.Zekeri and Associates, and copied to the Kogi Flame, the Kogi State Deputy Governor is also asking Chief Edward Onoja to do a letter of public apology to him and the entire good people of Ibaji LGA of Kogi State within fourteen days from the date of service of the letter.
The letter served Chief Edward Onoja by G.O. Zekeri and Associates also notes that failure to so retract and apologize would result in legal action being taken against him.
In a service letter titled, ” False Allegations and Defamation Against Elder Simon Achuba, which reads in part, ” The above subject matter refers. We are counsel to Elder Simon Achuba, the Deputy Governor of Kogi State ( hereinafter referred to as ” our client), and it is in his instructions that we make the correspondence.
” Our client is saddened by a publication by you, Abdullahi Suleiman Otiwe, on what happened at a town hall meeting hosted by Engr John Ibrahim Ocheja at Onyedega, the headquarters of Ibaji LGA of Kogi State on Thursday the 31st day of January, 2019, where you without any verification whatever on your part, quoted the defamatory statements of the Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Mr Edward Onoja as he condescended into spewing lies and other unsubstantiated allegations at the person of Elder Simon Achuba, the Deputy Governor of Kogi State in his sustained bid to discredit the Deputy Governor and set the good people of Ibaji against him.”
The letter to Chief Edward further described as quite saddening that the person and character of a well known member of the society can be so disparaged on the alter of politics.
It is not in the character of clients character to pick fights with non moral conformists ( as in the immediate, we have chosen not to press charges). He has (as his custom) chosen therefore to tow the high moral ground and demand the immediate and public retraction of the publication coupled with a letter of apology.
The service letter was signed by G.O. Zekeri esq, a firm of legal practitioners and consultants based in Lokoja.

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