I Have Nothing to Do With Published Banks Account—Ohere.

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The Special Adviser on Local government and Chieftaincy Affair to Kogi State Governor, Engineer Sadiku Abubakar Ohere has said that he has nothing to do with the published banks account in some social media.

According to him, the malicious publication was purportedly authored by a faceless organization known as Kogi Conscience and Liberation Forum, Abuja and signed by one Gabriel Enoh

Speaking to Journalists in Lokoja, Kogi State, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Engr. Sadiku Abubakar Ohere said that it is unfortunate that the said mischievous writeup had found its way into some online media platform.

He noted that the content of the writeup is false and irresponsible as he had nothing to do with the published bank detail except the name of Honourable Engineer Sadiqu Abubakar Ohere that bear little but not outright semblance with my name.

The misleading publication he noted, was a clear attempt to tarnish image.

The writeup alleged among other issues that Engineer Sadiku Abubakar Ohere has several bank account with whopping balances in all of them.

This is untrue and a figment of imagination of the mischievous author(s) of the misguided publication.

Ohere noted that it is however gladdening to read that the write-up had been presented to EFCC adding that he was quiet sure that this is going to be an exercise in futility as there is no iota of truth in the concocted publication..

For the avoidance of doubt, he said, “I want to put on record that my Union Bank account has been dormant for over ten years ago while Icurrently maintain two accounts with Zenith Bank out of which one is Salary account with a balance of about ninehundred thousand naira (N900,000) and a Savings account with the same bank with a balance of less than tentousand naira (N10,000).

He there emphasised that he has nothing to do with all the three different accounts with Access, Zenith and Union banks respectively.

He however urged interested members of the public to make their independent enquiry into his financial transaction with the banks mentioned in the writeup to ascertain the truth .

The allegation that he had engaged in corrupt practices with one Alhaji Wali Nasiru , DG procurement of Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel to the extent that one Chief Momoh Yusuf Obaro intervene to save him from being sacked was another fallacy.

There was no body called Alhaji Wali Nasiru that I worked with at the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel , and that Chief Momoh Obaro mentioned in the writeup is still very much alive and any body who is interested could reach him for clarification

For the media houses that have allowed their channels to be used to give effect to the malicious writeup without any effort to get the his own side of the story, he noted that he has contacted his Lawyers for necessary legal action.

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