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By Jacob Unekwu Agada
When the wood burns away,the ashes stay behind to tell the tales,it is only those who were under the tree that can really tell how the roots fought the wind before it fell.
Ogbaikolo! our tribe is sinking,we are drowning by the day- Politics, hatred, jealousy, greed, backbiting and pure wickedness has torn us apart and like a sheep with out shepherd we have become scattered.
The igala man who was known for his guts and fearlessness,today just a roar of a lion and our men have lost their man hood,running and hiding behind their doors,some have even deserted their father’s land.
We the igalas who were a proud people,the same pride that made you stood your ground and refuse to bow to the Hausa king has been thrown a way,our people are now praise singers,boot leakers,eaters of left over and crumbs,Oh Ogbaikolo you need to be here to see what the igala tribe has become,you need see how we have sold our birth right and have become ilòwa on our land.
Our elders have joined in the eating of crumbs,our chiefs and Kings have joined in dragging leftovers with us,even our elites I mean our Professors and PHd holders are the ones leading the bootlicking today.
The lack of love you always complained about has become even the worst,we have become a tribe known for “Enemoneme” the same betrayal you fought and died of has continued with us,today brothers kill one another,friends hunt each other and neighbors conspire against each other.
Where we once stood in pride,today there we stand in shame,where we walk pass in glory,today there we sneak through in humiliation, strangers have turned us against each other and why we fight and kill our selves they are busy inheriting our lands and our properties.
They conspired and killed Steven Achema,now we have no one to speak for us again,they rallied round and led Abubakar Audu to his grave,today we have no one to lead us again,they followed James Ocholi Up and down,today we have no one to insist for our tribe again.
Ogbaikolo the igàla tribe has become a toothless dog that can only wag its tail,the tribe has become so scattered that common unity seems for ever impossible.
The igàla tribe that was known for its guts,its gallantry and bravery have lost it,all we do now is plea where we should speak out,explain where we should object and remain silent where we should insist,oh Gabaidu how has the mighty fallen!
Why other tribes grow in wealth,we grow in poverty,we grow in hunger,we grow in fear,we grow in killing our selves,we grow in backbiting,we grow in conspiring against each other,we grow in frustrating our neighbours,we grow in plotting the fall of one another – Ogbaikolo was this what Ayegba Idoko left behind,why are we inheriting it.
I beseech you again,gather our ancestors and come to our aid before we are fully doomed,help us with another Steven Makoji Achema who will be another forerunner for us again,provide for our land another Abubakar Audu who will lead us and send us another James Ocholi who will stand and insist for us.
Help us before it becomes worst than it is already.
i will be waiting for your reply.
written by
Jacob Unekwu Agada
the author,EBULEJONU.
idah,Kogi state.

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