Catechist Arrested Trying To Escape With Corpse of Lady He Allegedly Impregnated

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Mr. Oliver Vershima a catechist has been arrested with a corpse of a lady who he impregnated in a church community of St. Agustine Zone Jov Mbahura, Benue State.

The incident reportedly occurred on the late night of Saturday.

Reports available to newsmen have it that a Catechist, identified as Oliver Vershima has been arrested by security operatives yesterday evening in Benue State after he was caught with a dead body of a lady he allegedly impregnated.

According to Kenneth Unieh who shared the story, the catechist was said to be assigned to work at St. Agustine Zone Jov Mbahura, Benue was caught with the girl’s dead body, and upon interrogation, it was discovered that he impregnated the girl and on trial for abortion, the girl lost her life on Sunday morning before mass but reportedly hid her dead body inside his room from then till night so he could sneak it out of the village and possibly run away.

He said: “Unfortunately, he was caught while trying to carry the body out of the village and escape. The girl’s name has been confirmed to be Martha Orban”.

He noted that the catechist was later handed over to the Parish priest.

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