CAN Urges Christians to Shun Violence, Prays for Peaceful Elections

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The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kogi chapter, on Wednesday urged Christians in the state to shun all acts of violence and pray for a peaceful conduct of the general elections slated for Saturday.
The state’s re-elected Chairman of CAN, Dr John Ibenu, made the appeal after the election of a new executive that would run the affairs of Kogi CAN in 2019.
It was held at the Chapel of Freedom International, Lokoja.
Ibenu, who was re-elected as the State CAN chairman, give glory to God on his re-election, saying, “’It is a trust and a sign to re-double his efforts to serving the people more.
“It is God who gave me the opportunity and I give him the glory.’’
He urged Christians to turn out massively and vote for candidates of their choice in the forth coming general elections.
The cleric advised Nigerians to shun all acts of electoral violence and malpractice at all time and in all places before, during and after the elections.
“All Christians are advised to vote for only candidates that stand for such values as: righteousness, peace, joy, security, job creation, unity and progress of Nigerians.
“CAN calls on INEC and all that will work in their name to make sure they do what is right, godly, so that the country can have free, fair and credible elections.
“CAN demands that no political party should cause any trouble or encourage their followers to foment trouble.
“They should remember that God will bring all their works and actions to judgment sooner than expected,” Ibenu said.
He urged all security agencies to maintain neutrality and protect the lives and properties, as well as allow voters to cast their votes without intimidations or molestations.
The chairman also advised Nigerians, especially, Christians to continue to pray for peaceful elections, saying, ”we are our brothers’ keepers. We must be at peace”.
Dr Israel Akanji, the CAN Chairman, North Central Zone, said the reward for good work was more work.
Akanji added that the executive had done well, as four out of five former principal officers were re-elected.
“It means they had given acceptable and responsible leadership to the state; It is quite encouraging,” he said.
Akanji urged Nigerians to come out and perform their civic responsibility during the polls, saying that nobody should feel intimidated then.
He appealed to politicians to exercise caution and to stop using inducement or threat to force voters to vote for them.
“Above all, Nigerians must pray and put their trust in God,” Akanji said.
Other re-elected members of the State CAN executive include: Vice-Chairman: Pastor Isaac Okhime; Gen. Sec.: Pastor Cornelius Abraham; Asst. Sec.: Dr Frank Paul, and Treasurer: Pastor Matthew Bayo.

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