APC National Women Leader Cautions On Political Intolerance in Kogi.

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National Women Leader of All Progressive Congress(APC), Hajiya Salamatu Baiwa has condemned the growing intra political rivalries in her party in kogi state ahead of the November governorship election. 

Hajiya Salamatu Baiwa in her reaction to the defacing of her yuleitde billboard mounted strategically in her country home, Anyigba, by the overzealous youths during the commissioning of the Igala House. 

According to her “The unwholesome events of the last few days and the antithesis they harbor have been brought to my attention. Specifically the destruction of a billboard bearing my photograph and the flurry of opinions and debates causing agitations in Anyigba and Environs are to say the least unfortunate, uncalled for and very irresponsible”. 

She said the actions of the perpetrators of this act, fell short of expectations,particularly as the generalty of the people have condemned the act as uncivilized and lacked the spirit of sportmanship as well as collective bargaining 

Mrs Baiwa alleged that she had swallowed series of deliberate and subtle confrontation from these same group of actors,that ordinarily their actions does not deserve to be dignified 

“I was not going to comment, but that would amount to insensitivity on my part and would inadvertently express lack of gratitude to those who have taken to admonishing such illogical and incongruent behavior”

She advised his numerous well wishers and supporters of APC, to imbibe the culture of high level tolerance and to always see the peaceful coexistence as the overriding need for collective responsibility that will advance the course of our people  

“First of all, as a purveyor of peace, I urge everyone to exercise restraint and avoid playing into the hands of those who feed and live on and seek to instigate chaos even at the expense of destruction of lives and properties. There should be no cause to throw the Igala land into unrest because of the self-serving actions of an insignificant few” 

 “Be a good person, but do not spend your time proving it”. 

She promised to further deploy her wealth of experience, during her stints as the National Women Leader or any other political office, not minding whose ox is gored, as that is always the price to be paid in a public office not devoid of mischief and malign, as her efforts to do her best will not be negotiable. 

“I have come to accept that the price of Leadership is that you will not be loved by all. This is a normal by-product of the role.

“It is a condition that my supporters and advocates of good conscience and productive neighborliness must accept as well so that they are not drawn into unnecessary skirmishes and ‘wordsmithing’ against those who have deemed it fit to graduate their Hatred, Fear and Envy into disruptive and destructive actions”.

Mrs Baiwa reminded his supporters as well as those that felt threatened by her rising profile not to dissipate much energy on the contest for Kogi governor,saying it is not part of her mandate with the current political status,hence the desire to overheat the polity in kogi is needless 

“Furthermore, as I have categorically emphasized in the past and even now, I am not running for the office of Governor of Kogi state. 

“This is not out of fear but out of a personal decision not to engage at that level  momentarily. Therefore, I urge all our supporters and well-wishers not to be goaded by the actions of those who believe otherwise and use every opportunity to try to smear my name and the names of my numerous well-wishers.

“Their futile and immature attempts are an eloquent testament to a deep-seated inferiority complex and the unprofitable venture of chasing the wind”.

Mrs Baiwa commended supporters of APC and the people of Igala land for their steadfastness amidst glaring provocation from the actors,saying no meaningful development will be achieved under a crises ridden environment 

“I urge our numerous supporters and the great people of Igala land to maintain the high moral standard on these recurring issues. I assure you that by God’s grace this orchestrated irritation, like several before, will pass”. 

She assured the people of the area, that she will not be party to any efforts, that will drag the process of development in all areas of the state, been taunted by some people inimical to the progress of the land.  

“We cannot allow the actions of a few to negativity impact our peace and evolve situations that will harm our land and People. The actions and choices we make at this time will set the template for future generations to follow when they are confronted with  similar circumstances.”

APC Women Leader urged well wishers to remain supportive to the cause of the welfare of all and sundry,so as to detach the area from the process of underdevelopment and poverty, through peaceful coexistence.  

“So I appeal to everyone, once again, as a lover of humanity to collectively collaborate in maintaining the peaceful and diplomatic coexistence we currently enjoy. We must not allow this phase become the questionable cornerstone of our future and a halt in our progress because this is merely an irritation. Better times await us, and we must not sacrifice our great tomorrow for the selfishness and desperation of a few.”

Hajiya Salamatu Baiwa thanked all and sundry for the show of concern and cooperation meant for the political and economic emancipation of our land,Kogi and Nigeria in general,stating her overwhemly gratitude over the distractive and unusual development.

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