Any Okun Son By Nature Is Credible

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By Yomi Momoh

The Okun people have always been people of integrity. And very dependable people. Any Okun, as in any Okun son should be rallyed for, no matter what party. Any Okun son by nature is credible. And actually over-worthy to be the next governor of Kogi state.

All animosity must be removed from among us. And let all our pains and differences by swallowed up by a strong oneness. Okun have ever been marginalised since the times of Kwara. Yet we have always have the best governors that Kwara or Kogi never had.

If it’s integrity, it’s okun. If it’s intelligence to serve and perform to high standards, it’s Okun. The Okun people are not of the same stock with much of the people we have always been bundled with. Okuns are bt far higher. But unfortunately we are kind of in the minority.

But now that there is a conspicuous mess up by Yahaya Bello, Okun must play it’s card well. It’s our turn, it’s our time. Let all the pained hearts heal. Okun all the way to Lugard House come November 2019.

Dino or Faleke. Or any Okun that has enough popularity for that matter. We should not brake our ranks.

Okun all the way.

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