Ametuo APC Factional Kogi State Chairman Denies Report.

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Our attention has been drawn to a publication in the social media under the above caption by a faceless and juvenile writer.

The write-up is so childish,incoherent, grammatically suicidal and full of terminological inexactitude that it would have attracted our silence if not for the golden rule that such silence means consent.
For clarity of purpose, I will state as follows:
1.  Such meetings as stated by this ghost writer never held at kogi liason office as claimed by the writer.

2.The forum of northern state chairmen of our great party (APC) met me to discuss a way forward  between my camp and the governor’s that called for today’s meeting .

3.That the Dr Alex  Kadiri- led KOGI Elders Forum ,resolved after a long meeting to meet with the governor after Sallah break.                            

4. The allegations of some offers made to me and members our Elders forum are cheap lies and nothing but a figment of the writer’s imagination .

The ghost writer’s aim of causing discord in our camp has been defeated by the realization of whitewashed lies displayed by this writeup.

The determination of our Elders Forum to deliver KOGI state to APC come 2019 can not be killed by this hurriedly manufactured piece journalistic trash.

We shall shock the opposition in the 2019 in another resounding victory.
Thank you.

Alh Haddy Ametuo
Factional state Chairman
Kogi state.

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