2023; Now That BAT Is Running,

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Whether we like it or not, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu BAT is a big political fish to be reckoned within the context of Nigeria polity and politics, having domesticated political game from the grassroot to national outlook, not by participating alone, but in both in actions and reactions.
Therefore,the all important declaration before Nigeria’s President and his continuous consultation towards his planned to contest the 2023, under All Progressives Congress APC had gone down in the anals of political history of Nigeria.
This had again brought to an end decades of speculations , incitements and pleas to run by many Nigerians to ensure a more virile democratic practice and leadership in Nigeria, since the return to democracy and democratic rules in 1999.
It is on record that the APC national leader, unlike our former Presidents is not a novice to Nigeria political landscape, as his grassroots and home based supports had transformed across the south west geopoltical zone, to other zones that made up the country in the political firmament of the Nigeria.
The APC national leader had built a formidable bridge of political developments across the country, as his strides towards sustaining that trend transcends all other political gladiators across the country.
No wonder his visit to the President at the Villa and his intention to run for Nigeria President in 2023 under APC has changed and charged the political atmosphere in Nigeria, far away from others who want to enrich their resume and had been on the scene even when the ban on political activities towards 2023 elections was not lifted.
Now that the political elephant of our time, Bola Ahmed Tinubu BAT has arrived on the political stage of Nigeria, it become obvious that other smaller political gate crashers who merely needed a nomenclature to pollute the political climate in Nigeria, have begun to know their right from their left.
No doubt,even the naysayers will file out to support his ambition, as an average Nigerian does not need both description and differentiation towards his patriotic plans to lead Nigeria overtime.
Nigerians does not need soothsayers or congregation of soothsayers that the return of good old days is around the corner, with his wealth of his political experience and exposure both within and outside the shores of Nigeria, his acceptance to run in 2023, will change the tide of events in the country.
As a politician of high repute, the taste of the pudden will now be in the eating having performed creditably well as former Lagos State Governor, and the installation of a well thought out leadership subsequently, not only in Lagos, but across the southern states,spread to the northern states of Nigeria.
His leadership dexterity at that level has become a rallying point for political references, having made so many politicians across board, but desiring replication as law of nature demands.
Without mincing words, BAT deserved the best from Nigerians with a distinct leadership and followership traits devoid of self centeredness of an average political class, but grounded in human advancement in all ramifications.
With BAT as Nigeria President in 2023, a sigh of relief will greet the atmosphere that will attract all round developement and divestment from local and international investors, geared towards repositioning not only the polity,but economic and infrastructural developement.
He is tested and trusted in Nigeria’s landscape and has the capability and ability to drive the country to a new template of political emancipation,that will guarantee the future our dear nation and it’s citizens in view of his wealth of experience, as the only needed supports is to rally round him with the mandate to deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians.
This is pay back time from Nigerians to BAT in his efforts to take the country to eldorado in 2023, against the backdrop of all other agitations from both All Progressives Congress APC and the main opposition party, PDP.
Written By Abubakar Yusuf

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