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The political calculations of the 2023 general elections are getting clearer because of the allignments of various political forces and individuals aggrandising and submerging their interests to work for the various candidates in contestations.

Today we met with one of the most important grassroot mobilizing personalities of Abuja the FCT, Hon.Haruna Hassan, a developer per excellence and a man who don’t sit on the fence but put his all to make sure his candidate wins. In this interview, he talks about the Presidential candidate of his party and why he thinks he is the best man for the job and many more issues from the political to the economics in Nigeria.

INTERVIEW: Are you saying that Tinubu is more qualified than all of those seeking for the office of the President of Nigeria?.

HARUNA HASSAN:The answer is yes and not only about being qualified but also the most competent.I laugh sometimes and get worried that because of ethnic and religious considerations we twist this issues as if we do not know what the answers to our national questions are.It is leadership, leadership, leadership.

We must tell ourselves the truth for once in this country, prior to the Buhari regime our country was living in a quagmire brought about by a succession of incompetent and military dictatorship.

Buhari administration came and brought hope and Tinubu today represents that renewed hope we have been craving. A leader is a dealer in hope and if we want to be realistic for once Tinubu has the qualities of fighting the symmetric and assymetric walfare of Nigerians.

INTERVIEW:What is that thing that makes Bola Tinubu the best among the candidates in the race for the Presidency?.

HARUNA HASSAN: A leadership credential and experienced unmatched by any of the candidates on display.An oratorial prowess that is reassuring and an unwavering philosophical and ideological leaning that resonates with the people and above a leadership performance in Lagos that cannot be equated with non ever seen in the history of Nigeria.

If really it is trite that history is replete with examples then peer review them in their areas of service as leaders and you will find out that Tinubu has out performed all the leaders on display here justling to be president.Yes they are all leaders in their own right but it is very unfortunate for them that Tinubu is in the race and he would beat them to it this time around.

INTERVIEW:You said Tinubu is the most situable to be President this time around.Why that postulations?.

HARUNA HASSAN,: Let me tell you.It is not a coincidence that Nigeria is regarded as Africa’s largest economy.The country would need to spend at least a princely sum of $3trillion dollars over the next 30 years to close it’s nightmarish Infrastructural deficit.

We need a leader that is in tune with our developmental needs laying the foundation for the growth of our country in all it’s ramifications and physicality.If Tinubu has done it in Lagos I think it is natural that we give him that opportunity to replicate it in the country as a whole.

He is a leadership resources that we cannot not make the mistakes of discarding at this time because he is our best foot forward.

INTERVIEW:Let us talk about Kogi politics now.What does the politics of 2023 portends for your state?.

HARUNA HASSAN:The pitics of 2023 for Kogi state is one that is pregnant with huge expectation.It is expected that in the 2023 general election Kogi state will re-enact it’s it’s place as truely a progressive state by voting for the APC enmass.

This is because of the justified confidence that the party has in the confluence state in times like this when it is expected that our people would not return to those debilitating days of you’re represented by the administration of the PDP.

The APC is s party that has outlasted the evil and anachronistic gestapo like regime of the APC.We in Kogi state have shown that the PDP regime is an end of an era and an error when we wallowed in the wilderness and we shall not return there because the APC has come and reclaimed our land.

INTERVIEW:You are into estate business and people seems to be talking about your company when they talk about estate management. Why is it so?.

HARUNA HASSAN:The role of business to the development of society cannot be over emphasized.I do not see the establishment of business ventures especially the estate management business as only a vehicle for the maximization of profits but an avenue to serve the interest of humanity.

I have deliberately and consciously built my business around my philosophy to the glory of God and humanity.We all have a role to play in the stabilization of society and in my little corners I try to assist.

INTERVIEW: HALISAN homes is now a household name in the provision of homes for all categories of the masses.Why are you interested in politics?.

HARUNA HASSAN:We are all political animals and I think politics should be a vehicle for the transformation of society.I am very interested in the development of my people.I am from Okanyi village in Ankpa local government area.Today I can humbly tell you that there is no road and water.I cannot provide this INFRASTRUCTURES on my own alone even though I would want to do that.

I am now investing my time and resources to contribute to the leadership recruitment process to make my demands known and provided for my people.We need governments interventions and urgently too.

INTERVIEW:You are a member of the APC and I think you can talk about the performances of your leaders from the local to the national.Who among them impressed you most?.

HARUNA HASSAN:Without mincing words I would say Hon.Abdullahi Ibrahim Hallims has performed excellently and I think we can now use his performances as a yardstick to appraise the performances of other elected officials from our zone.

Within a short time in the National Assembly as a member of the house of Representatives, he has evolved into a leader that we can trust.I am happy that there is no time limits for legislatures and because he has matured into the leader we can trust he deserves as many term representing us because there is no need changing a winning team.

INTERVIEW:The tussle for the House of Reps.seat for the Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro federal constituency seems to be heating up.Some are of the view that it is time for a change.What is your view on this issue?.

HARUNA HASSAN:I am very concerned about the level of awareness among Nigerians of the real constitutional mandates of our legislatures.It was deliberate to have allowed the legislatures unlimited tenures by the framers of our constitution.

The legislatures responsibilities are mainly for making good laws for the good governance of the country and the more you allowed your representatives to mature on the job the better for that constituency.

The man representing us the Ankpa people today, Hon. Halims has really performed creditably well at the national assembly and you don’t just change s winning team.

Secondly, what is desirous of us now is to give him more time at the house of reps.because we need him to attain the lofty height of being among the ranking members and with that comes more development projects for our people.

INTERVIEW:So invariably what you are saying is that he should be voted again?.

INTERVIEW:Yes.I am confidently behind him because he has performed excellently and why do you change a man that has performed just for the sake of change.I have emphasized that Hon Halims is our new political star that we would use in time to come to measure the performances of our future national assembly Representatives.

He is an old wine that is good for this occassion.The American people acknowledge the that the more their Representatives stays in the house of Representatives the better for them and so I am appealing to all that for the sake of continuity and experience,we should support him as our best foot forward.

INTERVIEW:We shall go to the whole distance in this interview by asking you who is your candidate this time around for the state house of Assembly seat?.

HARUNA HASSAN:The same treatment I am talking about for Hon.Halims we must also accord to the gentleman at the house of Assembly in the state I am so excited by the performances of Hon.lawal Akus that I am of the opinion that one good term deserves another.

We are lucky in our constituency like never before to have these team as our reprrsentatives both at the state and federal houses and I bet they would not dissappoint us.

INTERVIEW:Let us go back to the real estate business in Nigeria.Why are you so successful when others are complaining about the economic reality of the times as it affects the real estate business?.

HARUNA HASSAN:I am forever grateful to the almighty God for his grace in keeping us afloat and I would like to also say the Stark economic realities we find ourselves was as a result of the many years of the very mismanagement of the economy by past administration’s and the reality is what we face today.

We thank the present administration for it’s economic prescriptions even though it is harsh but a bitter pills we must swallow to make our tommorrow better.

We are lucky in the estate field that we are afloat at this time due to the laudable economic environment we find ourselves provided by this administration.We thank God.

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