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GYB continuity is a silent revolution against slavery & monarchical spirit by some families that are determined to enslave the rest of us in Kogi State.

Support GYB to free yourself from slavery.

Support GYB to stop the establishment of Monarchy in Kogi State.

Support GYB so stop these people so that you can give hope for your children to rule Kogi State in the future.

Support GYB so that you may not give opportunities for their children to rule your children in circles.

Support GYB to build viable and sustainable institution to prevent certain individuals to be above the state for equity, fairness and justice for peace and progress of our dear Kogi State.

Support GYB to give hope for the hopeless.

Support GYB to give effect for the children of the so of Mr somebody to relate in equal manner with the children of Mr. nobody.

Support GYB so that the youth should take their pride of place in governance and for the elders take their rightful advisory back seat.

Support GYB to continue to give effect to our unique state character.

The above submissions are my driving forces of support for the re-election of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello to continue as the Executive Governor of Kogi State till 2024.November4Bello/CEDO

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