What Nigerians want from Tinubu

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As President elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be sworn in May 29, 2023, agenda has been set for the president elect given state of affairs, in this report, Taiwo Ogunniyi reports expections from the citizens

May 29, 2023 Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be sworn in as the 16th president of the federal republic of Nigeria with agenda set for his administration in various sector which includes security, healthcare, education, economy infrastructure amongst others with the hope to hit the ground running without any further ado justify the confidence repose in him some quarters after his victory in the 2023 presidential elections.

Religious leaders, public affairs analyst, concerned citizens amongst others expressed their views.

The Presiding Pastor, Royal Convenant Assembly, Rehoboth Christian Ministry International Pastor (Dr) Bola Payimo charged the Nigeria President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to make the fear of God the center of his leadership.

Bola Payimo also said any nation without the fear of God will collapse. According to him, many Nigeria youth are not contented so they went into crimes.

public affairs analyst Mr Yemi Adurotoye said “Mr. President, he should gird his loins to reposition Nigeria. He should not just come to mark register after telling Nigerians that ‘Oun Lokan’

“He has to make history by threading where many think he could not step in. I share same notion with those who believe strongly in his capacity, competence and candour; he is not going in with sentiments that could serve as blockage to progress. I pray for divine wisdom for him because Nigeria is as complex as it’s diverse.

“He needs to device strategies to lift Nigeria from the category of Developing Nation to that of Developed Nation. He needs to creatively resolve the power debacle that is holding Nigeria back. He just have to harness both human and material resources for the greater good of all.

“Restructuring, devolution of power from the centre, infrastructural provision and industrialization among others are on the table for him,” he said

Concerned Citizen, Mr Jimoh Suleiman said ” My message will rest on tripods, turn-around on the economy, insecurity and the cancerous nature or posture of high-level corruption in the country.

There is also the upbeat on the worrisome debt burden of over N40trillion on the neck of Nigeria which is staring the face of the incoming administration.”

public affairs analyst Mr Linus Imodiboh said, “Create opportunities for Nigerian to have means of survival and also have peace wherever they find themselves. Change the current ugly state of affairs, rewrite the identity of Nigeria. He should look out for competency as he built up his team that will help him run his administration.”

Mr Saliu Bello said, “My message to the incoming president is to do something about Boko Haram and Kidnapping”

A cleric in Ilorin Very Reverend father Anselm Pendo Lawani, the Diocesan Administrator of Catholic Diocese of Ilorin, urged the incoming administration to secure life and properties.

The Cleric who made the call at the fifty seventh edition of World Day of Social Communications of Catholic Diocese organized by the Directorate of Social Communications with the Theme “Speaking with the Heart ‘The Truth in Love’ held in Ilorin the state capital, Reverend father Lawani said “If the people are secured their properties are secured there will be peace and development”

Ilorin resident Mr Samuel Oladele said, “I want to extend my heartfelt prayers and well wishes the president as he assume this important role of leadership.

“May God grant him wisdom, discernment, and strength as he navigates the challenges and responsibilities that come with leading a nation (Nigeria). May he be guided by justice, compassion, and the pursuit of the common good in all your decisions and actions.

“I encourage him to be a leader who upholds integrity, promotes unity, and works diligently for the welfare and development of all Nigerian citizens. Seek to foster peace, social justice, and economic stability, while addressing the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable members of society.

“He should remember the call to servant leadership, to lead with humility and a genuine desire to serve the people he has been entrusted to govern. He embrace transparency, accountability, and inclusivity, valuing the diversity and richness of the Nigerian people.

“He should seek to promote a society that upholds human rights, protects religious freedom, and fosters an environment of mutual respect and understanding among different faiths and beliefs.

He urged Tinubu to lean on God’s guidance and seek His wisdom while praying that his leadership would bring about positive change, progress, and blessings for the nation of Nigeria.

Rev. Felix Ajide, Senior Pastor with King Jesus Praiseland Assembly, Ilorin and Editor-in-Chief of ChoiceReporters.
said ” I want to advise the incoming administration of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu to prioritise education, electricity, security, economy and employment.

“The administration should depart totally from the old ways where those in power alienate themselves and go imperial.

“We expect real democracy where everyone and all sections of the country are carried along in the scheme of things. Governance should have human face by listening to the people toward meeting their aspirations and yearnings.”

Mr Feranmi John said ” A good leader should be decisive in his/her approach . The economic and the social climate of the nation needs apt decisiveness. Bola Tinubu is akeen with leadership and I won’t be surprised if He succeeds to imprint his legacy as a great president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

He should nominate competent individuals in his cabinet . Energy is the backbone of every thriving economy ,therefore he should make adequate power supply one of his priorities. This will encourage more creation of jobs and the influx of companies .
Also insecurity should be addressed. He should make sure that there is transparency and accountability in his administration.

The Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Kwara, Rt. Rev. Sunday Timothy Adewole, while delivering the Bishop’s Charge at the opening session of the 17th Synod of the Diocese in Ilorin the Kwara State capital recently, lamenting the excruciating hardships and sufferings Nigerians are currently passing through, the cleric admonished President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to ensure that the people are relieved from their pain and sufferings when he assumes office on May 29, 2023 as compensation to them for voting massively for him.

He said: “I admonish you to make policies that will put smiles on the faces of all and give them a guarantee of a better nation. We are gradually seeing it that politics is about social contract between those seeking political offices and the voters. If you take them for granted, you do so at your own peril. However, we will continue to pray for you and your government.”

Mr Debo Ajayi said “We wish our new President God’s guidance as he tries to bring together the various fragmented groups of the country.

If there is any action that the New President needs to take, it is to work at the reconciliation of all aggrieved parties in Nigeria. Every election in Nigeria since the beginning of this nascent democracy has been fraught with serious disputations.

All the elections were seriously flawed but none has been so contentious as the election that brought i to power, President Tinubu. Sadly, the flaws came with tribal and religious divide. Without peace and stability, there cannot be progress, President Tinubu must work at Nation building above political partisanship. Tinubu is viewed generally more as a Nationalist than Tribalist, this is the time for him to act as the father of all . The security of the country is an urgent task to be tackled.

He must have been briefed by the various security organisations in the country.
I don’t trust them. He needs to get fresh ideas from international security organisations on how to manage our perennial security challenges .
The economy comes next.
All eyes should be on Dangote so that the recently commissioned oil refinery may not go the way of his monopoly of cement production in Nigeria. Petroleum and its products are the engine room of our economy. Look at the Trillions of Naira wasted on subsidy. We can’t continue like that without meeting our untimely dissolution as a country.

Nigeria Cement of Dangote is one of the most expensive in the world yet majority of its raw materials were sourced locally.
If petroleum products are allowed to go the same way, there will be crisis in the nation.

Unemployment is another cankerworm to be tackled. A time bomb that will usher in violent revolution in Nigeria. The cause of unemployment is over dependent on imported goods and services.

Nigeria has enough manpower for her goods and services. Once we have a President interested in production of goods , unemployment will reduce drastically.
Like Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India said on clothing his people
“ if India cannot clothe herself, let her go naked” We need a President like that for our internal consumption of locally produced goods .

From car to water, we must look inward and produce what we need. The President must look at specialisation of production of goods by each geo-political zone. For example, there is arable land and sufficient rainfall in the middle belt region, that geo- political zone can be developed into food basket of Nigeria growing crops and some livestock.

The Land locked South-East is great at Engineering feats , they could be made the industrial hob of Nigeria. etc
We must return to true Federalism by Devolution of powers. Our Federalism cannot be on states badis but on geo-political zones platforms .

Many of our states are not economically viable. Too much money is at the center and that it is why the Federal Government is the hub of corruption in the country .
All anti-corruption establishments must be revamped. What we have presently is a huge joke and no wonder corruption festers.
Tinubu will endear himself to the nation by proclaiming free and compulsory education at All levels in the country.

The disparity in output of fee paying private schools and public schools of Government is unreasonable. The gaps should be bridged by funding appropriately, Government institutions from Primary to university levels. Lastly, health is wealth Tinubu must significantly improve our health sector and stem medical tourism.

Let us have a level playing ground for all faiths in Nigeria. We must not allow religion to keep dividing us. I agree we need God to help our country to overcome her travails, we must seek Him with all fervency and do good to our fellow citizens . President Tinubu must not underrate the power of prayers.  So many contentious issues in Nigeria that I really don’t know wether to join the hypocrites in saying congratulations to the in-coming President or commiserate with him like the cynics will do.

On a final note, I say nothing wrong with Nigeria that cannot be made right by Nigerians. Together , we can. I wish President Tinubu best of luck and good health in dismantling the road blocks ahead.

Mr Biodun Oluyemi Esan said “A new chapter would be opened with the inauguration of Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President of the country. President Tinubu would be inheriting a fractured country and facing herculean task of fixing many dilapidated sectors such as economy, security, infrastructure, health, education and decayed system.

My message to the new president is to first concentrate on electricity. The nation’s economy is premised on constant and
affordable electricity. Many international companies operating in Nigeria have to close their factories and move to neighboring West Africa countries where electricity is stable.

Also, thousands of artisans have abandoned their trade because of electricity and became commercial motorcycle and tricycle riders. If electricity is stable, most of factories and manufacturing companies that has become moribund would bounce back, there would be employment, youth restiveness would reduce as they will engaged in such factories and the per capital income of the people will increase resulting in
better standard of living of Nigerians.

Also, president Tinubu should fight insecurity such as banditry,
kidnapping for ransom, terrorism and cattle rustling to stand still.
Without adequate security, investors will not be encouraged to do business in the country. The incoming president must therefore ensure that lives and properties of citizens and foreigners in Nigeria are guaranteed. If President Tinubu can face these two critical areas in his first

two years, Nigeria will witness a turnaround in its economy. I have no doubt in my mind that Asiwaju Tinubu will preformed
excellently well going by his antecedent as Governor of Lagos State and the architect of modern Lagos.

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