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Clarence Olafemi
Even though I have not change my political party from PDP to APC , I will not hesitate to do same if and when convinced to do so.
It is important for people to know that basically politics is voluntary game that an individual chooses to play and in what ever manner he or she chooses to play it provided it is legally lawful. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
In a participatory democracy, it is a free world of choice of participation that is why the like of Buhari moved severally from one party to the other seeking to be president untill he became one and the like of Atiku also moved to several partys to seek presidency but is yet to get it.
I, Clarence Olafemi joined active politics since 42 years ago at the tender age of 24years + as a UPN member and remain one of the most successful politician in Okun land today with so many failures and successes as a man of great virtue. To God be the glory.
I might have changed partys like other great men but I have through such lawful act rose to become a Minority Leader in AD party 2003-3007 a Speaker in PDP and a Governor in PDP in 2007-2011 , if I did not changed party in 2007 from AD to PDP I would not have become a Speaker or a Governor. if i did not change party in 2003 from PDP to AD I would not have become a minority leader, I have become prominent and credibly relevant to date.
I have provided leadership to many up coming politicians who have equally change partys severally like me to remain relevant but turn round to chritise me for perceiving that I want to change party calling me all types of derogatory name, some who does not know the meaning of integrity or who can not stand the test of time when it comes to test of good character which we can testify to their past will join ignorant , uninform and kindergarten politicians to call me names because am exercising my lawful right as a seasoned politician.
Today Senator Jibril Isah Echocho whom i was to deputize in the aborted 2011 Governorship race became a Senator because he changed party. The sickness of some people is because they did not know the basic approach of the game call politics which says and I quote ” No permanent enemy or friend in politics but permanent interest” . Such ignorance will limit their political growth and advance.
The fact that one does not share The same political believe is simply because your interest are different. Tomorrow if the interests are the same you will call him a saint it is natural to those class of kindergarten politicians.
Even those who say hossana or my leader when our interests are the Same will call me Lucifer when our interest differs. Even those who do not see beyond their nose or know close to nothing will want to criticise a professor in the game of politics that is qualify to mark their exams of politics.
Some even ridiculously label me as being hungry when I can buy his whole house hold and have exhibtable sustainable solid financial capability since i have being politics which is a basic status that keep politicians of now a days,constently and sustainably relevant, afloat and rising higher and higher in Nigeria of nowadays.
While am owed a staggering 378 million naira by the government of Kogi, I still remain one of the most liquids politician that does not and have never lack money or be in debt to play the game of politics . My nickname still remain ,” Obembe ko bembe” . To God be the glory.
I will therefore advice that I be left alone on the issue of my rumoured defection from current party PDP to APC, am the one who is in the middle of my political river who knows how deep it is.
I also know my interest and can define such interest as usual. it is very unlikely that I would have come out of the university with first class and navigate this horrible and turbulent political world for 42 years taking maximum risks at times and some people will not still want to believe that it is very unlikely that I will be a nonantity in a game I have succeed to my present enviable height simply because we differ in interest for now.
I will not join them to return to them the name they deserve to be call because of their ignorance but I will not hesitate to call them such names after 16th Novermber when their ignorance would have being more defined and pronounce, and glaring.
But one thing is certain of me I quickly forgive and I will then forgive them their emptiness and lack of knowledge and help cure their ignorance.
My humble prayer is that may God let us live beyond that date. My humble plead as well is let those abusing me now ignorantly not have reason to look my direction as usual for possible political support when they would have failed woefully as a result of their mis-judgement or mis-placement of their interest.
I will still pardon them anyway because of my nature. Let everyone for now focus its attention on the candidate of their choice and leave Clarence alone who is not a candidate.
Clarence Olafemi
HE Rt Hon ( The Asiwaju of Okun land, the Balogun of Mopa and Ogartta of Igalland) JP.

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