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By Ahmed Muazu.

Usman Jibril APC Governorship Aspirant

The holistic material, economic and social prosperity of any Nation or State lies primarily in the quality of its leadership. This is ostensibly due to the obvious fact that the focus and direction of any society that is poised and repositioned for greatness is determined by the content and depth of the leader’s vision, motivations and mission for seeking leadership.

In very simple terms, genuine and serious minded leaders who aspire to the exalted but challenging position of the Executive Governor must be men with the pedigree of proven track records and excellent antecedents that distinctively singles them out as leaders whose vision and mission to govern is rich in content and quality for the attainment of the higher ideals of selfless service for humanity.

Thus by the sheer magnitude of its weighty responsibilities, leadership entails lots of brain storming, meticulous planning, foresighted vision and knowledge driven skills to fashion out lofty policies and programmes that will better the lots of the people such a leader seeks to govern.

In the estimation of Plato, the iconic political theorist, leaders must by their own pedigree be knowledgeable with a measure of intellectual credentials that will prepare them to navigate the complex compass of good governance. What therefore distinguishes a leader from the crowded pack is manifestly contained in the quality of his vision and the depth of his mission for seeking leadership.

Among the legion of gubernatorial eyeing the Lugard House Rtd. Vice- Admiral Usman Jibrin CFR distinctively and conspicuously appear to be a complete embodiment of the attributes of leadership stated above. By his military exposure, education and raw talent coupled with his managerial acumen and unblemished integrity Rtd. Vice – Admiral Usman .J. cuts the picture of plato’s philosopher King, though not necessarily in the sense of the all knowing leader but in the mould of a leader with far flung experience, sufficient education and exposure to chart a new road map for Kogi State.

Rtd. Vice Admiral Jibrin is a pleasant personality any one would be delighted to encounter anytime, any day. He exudes charisma accessibility and simplicity. Inspite of his exalted status as a top brass in the military, he is courteous, humane and public spirited.

Essentially the Ex- Naval Chief’s vision and mission to govern Kogi State revolves around a burning passion to restore human face to governance and salvage the state from infrastructural decay. As a time tested military technocrat who has over the years distinguished himself as an innovative and resourceful leader, when he served as a Chief of Naval staff, Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin is bringing along into the gubernatorial race his robust wealth of experience, exposure and expertise to change the current uninspiring narratives and create a fundamental paradigm shift in the Leadership of the state.

One of the cardinal and critical hallmarks of a promising leader is the quality and the depth of the vision he brings into leadership. History has repeatedly shown that there is hardly any successful leader without a vision. Leaders with vision have a focus as their guiding compass, they know where they are going, even if it is not clear to their followers from day one. Visionary leaders set targets for themselves and have clear ideas on how to get there. Unlike many politicians who come to the pulpit of leadership unprepared, visionless, with little or no track records or pedigree of good antecedents, Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin is a stark of opposite of these categories of leaders. This is an area where Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin stands eminently shoulders high over and above other aspirants seeking to be the Governor of Kogi State. Out of the crowded gubernatorial line up, the naval top brass outshines others with the far flung experience, exposure, excellent academic and professional credential and overwhelming popularity rating that

has made him the toast and the beautiful bride of the people for credible and dependable leadership.

Topmost on his agenda to recreate and reposition Kogi State on a new slate is his driving passion for human capital development through the entrenchment of a welfarist policy that is people centred and empowerment driven. Coming from the background of a man who has risen to stardom through dint of hardwork, single minded determination and diligence, Rtd. Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin’s deep-seated concern for the toiling masses is understandable.
As a man who shares a sustained burden for accelerated development of Kogi State, apart from human capital development, Rtd. Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin’s mission and vision is holistic and all encompassing touching on the core strategic sectors of Agriculture, Education, Health Care, Infrastructure, Peace, Security, and Job Creation.

Interestingly enough, the Ex- Naval Chief, a man of vision and foresight is working out a vision driven mission that will liberate Kogi State and give it a clean break from despair and hopelessness to the dawn of a glorious era that will rekindle the hope of our people and restore prosperity. Under the visionary leadership boat of Rtd. Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin, this new ere of liberty and prosperity is possible. The REBIRTH of a new Kogi State is indeed a feasible project anointed at the fullness of GOD’S OWN TIMING.

May the Blessings and Bounties of this Holy Month of Ramadan be upon us all..( Amen).
Happy Ramadan to every Muslim out there.

Thank you all and God bless.

Comrade Ahmed Muazu.

For: Kogi Restoration Movement Support Group for Usman Jibrin CFR.

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