The days of agony about to end in Kogi— DG Musa/Aro Campaign

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THE Director-General of the Musa/Aro Campaign Organisation Hon. TJ Yusuf has called on the good people of Kogi State to remain steadfast in their resolve vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and usher in a new dawn in the State on November 16,2019.
This was contained in a press statement issued on Thursdays by Head Communications and Strategy Musa/Aro Campaign Organisation, Mr. Faruk Adejih-Audu which copy was made available to newsmen in Lokoja.
Hon Yusuf said results of researches and surveys by several pollsters and groups have returned an overwhelming victory for the PDP and its candidates Engr Musa Atai Wada and his running mate Hon Sam Bamidele Aro in the November 16 election.
” The long, tortuous four years of hunger, poverty, violence, collapsed public infrastructure and services, insecurity and violence is coming to an end.
” Happy days are coming again,” Hon Yusuf told a cross-section of volunteers of the Campaign Organisation on Thursday.
The Ranking member of the National Assembly said on returning to office, the PDP government of Musa/Aro will immediately declare a state of emergency in all critical socio-economic sectors of the state like Infrastructure, Education,Health, Agriculture and Rural and Urban development .
He said the dilapidated roads that now dot the entire landscape of the state beginning from the state capital Lokoja where almost all the roads have been eroded with potholes and craters will be immediately tackled by the incoming government.
He regretted that intermittent water scarcity has returned to the state capital as the Greater Lokoja Water Works which ended the intractable problem of water in the state capital and environs have been left to decay by the present administration just as the Multimillion State Specialist Hospital and Diagnostic Centre are no longer functional.
” It’s worrisome that after collecting close to N400 billion in less than four years, the present government has not only failed to embarked on any meaningful project that will improve the lives of the people, but its abandoning functional critical infrastructure inherited from the PDP administrations to rot away.”
He said the resolve of the people to vote for the Musa/ Aro PDP ticket is because after having the benefit of comparisons, they now know that their lives have totally degenerated from relative wealth to total penury in just four years.
“We can confidently say that the people will troop out en masse to remedy this situation on November 16. The situation is beyond partisanship, ethnicity, or religion. It is Kogites taking back their lives and retrieving their state from misrule . I can assure you that we shall win more than 75 per cent of the votes in each and all of the Senatorial Districts.
“Our opponents have nothing to campaign with or campaign on. They cannot ask civil servants for support because they have dehumanised them. They cannot turn to pensioners because under this administration very many of them have died of hunger and inability to buy basic drugs that will keep them alive.
” They have confronted or fought almost everybody including members of their own party, University lecturers, the judiciary, traditional rulers, Students etc. They have lost the trust of the people of Kogi State in particular and Nigerians at large.
“You can not expect civil servants to be deceived because for the first time in four years, you paid one month’s salary as at when due because election is coming. And you are still owing majority of them up to 43 months arrears!
” Who do they think they are deceiving? The people know that if you ever get there again, there may never be salaries for the next four years.”
He said it’s against the background of self induced mass rejection that Bello government is now relying on violence, thuggery and election manipulation as their only option. It is sheer desperation now.
” Because they are sure majority of the people will vote for Musa/Aro ticket. So they want to cause mayhem and manipulate results, but that won’t help them because once an overwhelming majority of the people are against you, any rigging plan, even if it’s based on violence or saturating INEC ad hoc staff with your agents, will fail.”
He said, the Musa/ Aro Campaign Organisation is however committed to ensuring that security agencies and INEC live up to their constitutional obligation to ensure that the election is free and fair and transparent.
“Once that is done, victory is ours on November 17” Hon Yusuf assured.

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