Ramadan Message from Ex-Kogi Governor.

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The former governor of Kogi State, Chief Clarence Olafemi has called on Muslims faithful to use the
Ramadan period and pray for the growth and unity of the nation.

Chief Clarence Olafemi

In his message, Chief Olafemi a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Kogi State said he pray Allah will spare our lives from the beginning to the end, and may it be a good reason that we forgive each other and start a new turn of life.

According to him, Ramadan was prescribed for Muslims to draw closer to Allah (SWT), seek forgiveness for our transgression and lend a hand of fellowship to others and show kindness.

“While we engage in the Ramadan fast let us be wary of those things that vitiate the fast, stick to good attributes of our beloved prophet (SAW) and his teachings of brotherhood.

“Remember that of the 12 months, these thirty days are for Ramadan, and if we waste it, what assurance have we that we will see the next Ramadan.

“This is why we must make conscious effort to get the maximum reward from this Ramadan, pray for the dead, the sick and guidance for good.

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