Prof. Adam Ahmad Abere Speaks On GYB's REELECTION ( Second Coming)

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This is big plus for my candidate Alh Yahaya Bello in the forthcoming Nov. 2019 Guber election in Kogi state. Thank Mr Predident and APC Chairman Mr Adams Oshiomhole for confirming what we said and wrote about serially recently on my Part1 & Part 2 KOGI GUBER 2019: #WHITHERGYB?.
As I prepared my Part 3, I’m more than optimistic that Yahaya Bello is going to defeat his opponent from PDP Musa Wada. His primary was overwhelming scoring above 3,000.
GYB is not infallible, but he has been able to navigate state given d socio- material environment, facing up squarely the challenges he met and those that confronted him when he came in 2015.
He went to courts successfully for 19times; he chased criminal vagabond, kidnappers, brigands n bandits away from d state that has over six states bordering it.
At the Tertiary Education, he has done more than d previous regimes since 1991 when d confluence state was created. He entrusted professionals with responsibilities. He has created a new ‘nouva richie’ political class across d state needed for capitalistic development n growth of the state.
He has a taste n not rapaciously primitive n selfish in wealth spread. Even in geo- strategic placement, Yahaya Bello redirected the direction n attention of the state to its historical n migrational ancestry. This is positive for geo- strategic configuration within national politik.
Alh Yahaya Bello has tremendously empowered the Youths so dramatically apart and extremely far away from the previous regimes. In fact, all governments b4 him can be considered as Youths Unfriendly. The Governor has institute feeling of oneness of the state irrespective of ethnic, political n sectional affiliations and membership.
Those before him divided d state and even pitched one tribe against the other just as they Instituted insidious complexes of superior vs inferior. If pluralistic and representative governence worth its traits and claims, Alh Yahaya Bello is the MAN to continue the Job.
Mr President PMB, merely but STRONGLY reiterated and re- echoed my position and our position that Alh Yahaya Bello, as far what we know and what we have seen and we can see for now are concerned, is d most suitable among the packs to continue to run d Confluence State.
We thank PMB to have endorsed him.

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