Never Again Shall We Allow Self-Centered Political Appointees

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Our attention had been drawn to a deceptive ploy to bring in a former state appointee to fill in the Special adviser to the governor slot meant for Omala local government area.
We condemn this move in its entirety. Never again shall our party the APC and our dear local government witness another term of self-centeredness and greed.
How on earth will any group of persons be pushing for a former appointee that has no political clout or capacity within his immediate constituency, to still occupy such sensitive position?
This second term of our indefatigable leader, Alh. Yahaya Bello demands bringing on board people that have the antecedents of carrying people along in the course of their appointment and not “aka gums”.
This time around, appointees should be a collection of people that have a large heart of supporting the party and his/her constituents and not people who believe in what becomes of their pockets.
We hereby urge the appropriate authorities to be wary of any devices to smuggle same “old wine” to continue in his spree of killing the party in Omala local government with his high handedness.
We hereby solicit the authorities to embark on a fact finding mission and ascertain the true position of the constituents involved to know where their heart lies before approving any position for now.
In a nutshell, personality like Hon. Alima G Abuh has been a pillar of Omala APC through her vigorous ways of empowering women and youths in Omala. If somebody like her can be considered for such position, it will be a good decision that will be applauded by both the party and the constituents.
We are of the opinion that our prayers will be granted for the sake of the future success of our great party.
Thank you.
Abdulmalik Ahmed
for Concerned Omala APC Women And Youths

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