Na’Allah: An Academic, Administrator Per Excellence.

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Since his assumption of duty as the current Vice- Chancellor , University of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, the renowned author, poet, playwright and academic had demonstrated the willingness to take the over three decades ivory tower with movement without motion to high pedestal and citadel of learning.
Armed with many decades wealth of experiences , both in adminstration and academic, Na’Allah on assumption of duty over two years ago launched a wholistic programs in all facets of human and infrastructural development of the age long institution.
Even with his new adminstrative assignment at the federal level, did not preclude him from his academic activities/wizardry, in view of his age long experiences as two time Vice Chancellor, Kwara State University, KWASU Malete, a feat that was rare in recent time, the Professor of literary studies authored and launched three different books to encourage academic activities at all levels of our national development in Nigeria.
Armed with over a decade experiences at the top administrative echelon in a State University, the Abuja university Vice- Chancellor before then had also authored many books, co- authored and moderated so many that enhanced academic proficiency both in Nigeria and outside the shores of the country.
His scholarship traits and versed exposure assisted him greatly in resolving thorny academic and adminstrative activities of the Institution, desiring more robust approaches towards realising his lofty ideals.
Without waisting much time, he unveiled a standard order both for the academic and adminstrative staffers of the Institution away from what was obtainable in the previous administrators of the University.
This included provision of required materials that ensured both academic and adminstrative proficiency as well as reward system through offsetting of backlog of promotions arears, and enabling environment that encouraged well thought research works and collaborations, that reflected the realities of the current dispensation.
On assumption of duty amidst COVID-19, a global health emergency, security challenges within the Institution among many others , Na’Allah never relented on the introduction of measures that improved tremendously program of activities within the two campuses of the ivory tower.
Abreast with series of issues ,the new helmsman gave an identity to the Institution that was lacking for close to three decades, as visitors both from within and outside the country always find it difficult before now to identify the main campus of the University and it’s year of establishment, he quickly resolved the negligible posture of the previous handlers by conspicuously mounting strategically sign posts at between 200- 500 metres away to the Institution from both side of the highway.
This had ameliorated the frequent movement and plights of visitors that often had to contend with the location of the Institution strategically on thousands acres of land, apart from the students,staffers .
As the only public university located in the heart of the country’s federal capital, Abuja, the standard of it’s activities cannot be compromised.
Aside rejigging the academic activities of the university were students are hitherto rumoured marking examination scripts for lecturers, Na’Allah read the riot act to lecturers that addressed any untoward activities, capable of affecting the academic and quality of graduates been churned out by the university.
Soon after normalising the academic activities of to the Institution , the yearly and routine ritual of accreditation exercises received a big bumper in years under review, as most of it’s programs got accreditation, a departure from the previous order.
The introduction of new academic semester ( third semester) was applauded by both parents, students and the academic community, as it is geared towards forestalling many activities of lecturers, parents and students towards deviation of the academic standard of the school as well as guaranteed seamless and uninterrupted academic calendar.
Students will no longer be expected to stay extra years having written extra semester examinations, subsequently mobilised for service that will paved way for new admissions into the school.
Professor Na’Allah confronted the emerging security challenges in the Institution were kidnappers had turned the Institution to their den, unleashed unsuspecting victims and families with target against lecturers, students and staffs of the Institution.
The recent onslaught against kidnappers were the university under Na’Allah’s leadership in-conjunction with the FCT administration and security agencies launched a reprisal attack on the kidnappers of the university lecturers, freed from their den and subsequently apprehended the criminals had assisted in addressing the growing insecurity that was becoming the order of the day in the school.
The reward system adopted and sustained by the new administration, along with engagements of special ‘local vigilante’ group in the Institution to address the new security threats, among other security measures introduced by the Institution, had nipped in the bud the criminal activities of kidnappers and bandits targeted at the school and it’s workers.
This is in addition to the collaborative and synergy efforts with security agencies to divulge sensitive and security threatening information to the management of the school.
A strong advocate of research exploration using the ivory tower as spring board, Na’Allah had challenged the academic circle to profer solutions to the myriads of issues bedevilling the country and the globe ranging from political, economic, social and health challenges among many other issues at the front burner.
His recent advise to the academic world had assisted both developed and developing countries into realising their potentials in all ramifications.
A public speaker of high repute,The Vice-Chancellor had spoken on series of national and international issues geared towards resolving or improving the activities in both , Health, Education, among many other emerging public discourse.
Professor Na’Allah became a subject of attraction to many reputable award agencies with international reputation, as a recipient of many awards with the recent one from stardom global star awards, as the ‘Vice Chancellor of the year 2021’ in Nigeria among many others.
Tall, lanky,weaved with unique structure, Na’Allah’s disposition is directly opposite his large baggage of resume, wealth of experience,and global exposure, as his meekness,assessibility and accessibility is the hallmark of his successes in all endeavors.
Though, intimidating at first sight, but the wrapped attention to both official and unofficial issues had been the bane of his adminstrative wisdom over the years and now University of Abuja.

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