N344 Billion Naira Petition, Onoja React. ___Their Petition is best fit for the trash bin.

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The Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor, Chief Edward Onoja has described the petition of Chief Alex Kadiri of N344 Billion Naira Petition to Buhari as best fit for the trash bin.

Chief Edward Onoja

His words, “What these jerks fail to understand is simple documents that guides a State’s Finance:

~Annual Budgets
~Budget Performance Reports
~Annual Financial Statements/Reports
~Recurrent Expenditures(Salaries,Overheads and sundry cost)
~Capital Expenditures
~ Security Expenditures that can be
re-current and Capital in nature
~Debt obligations
~Counterparts funds targeted at special Projects)

“They foolishly brandish figures like road side traders forgetting that there is usual Income/Inflow and Expense/ outflow side to complete a Financial Statement.

“Firstly their figures are wide of the margin.

“Again who are these faceless APC Stakeholders- The partyless lots who don’t even know wether they are APC,PDP or ADC?

“The real APC Stakeholders who delivered the knock out punch that sent these yesterday’s men in PDP out of Kogi affairs will respond with facts and figures. In such a manner that those who wrote this petitions will acknowledge how ignorant they are on matters of Finance, Accountability and global best practices.

“I thought we truly had some intelligent opposition but a las if the opposition is lead by a man without a genuine degree, and zero work experience except “pocket money activism”and an accidental politician. This is exactly what you get.

“For their information our yearly compendium has our Financial Statement for year ending 2016 and 2017 almost done with 2018. And these are made handy to the Office the faceless persons petitioned to.

“Their Petition is best fit for the trash bin.

“We are neither carpenters or some Agbero’s turned Politicians rather we have a Chattered Accountant and accomplish Public Service Accountant as Governor.

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