My mandate is intact, I remain resulote to serve Yagba land—Says Iselaiye

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The rumour making round that the peoples choice for Yagba federal constuency in the forthcoming national assembly election Hon Oluwafemi Daniel Iselaye of SDP stepping down for one of his opponents is a deep-rooted lie based on the fragment of the rumour monger imergination to distract his teaming supporter’s and the good people of Yagba land from voting him into office.
ODI campaign organisation has described the rumour as the work of weightless political jobbers who could not focus on doing the needful by moving round to campaign for votes but rather choose to result to creating unfounded rumour to promote their weak and unpopular candidates whom do not enjoy the people’s support because of the batard image of their political platform.
The ODI campaign wish to place on record that her candidate Oluwafemi Daniel iselaye remains the only candidate among the major contender for the office who his currently enjoying the support of the people across all the political party.
Members from all the political parties are in love with him, and they are willing to demonstrate that love by giving him their votes in few days time at the polls.
While Reacting to the unfounded rumour the house of representatives hopeful Hon Oluwafemi Daniel Iselaye urged the people of Yagba to remain resolute in the collective quest for him to deliver unto them quality representation in the green chamber.
He reiterated that his ambition to serve his people has the incoming house of representatives member is a divine mandate which cutacross party line and so it can not be short-changed nor traded for any personal or individual ego.
He appeal to his supporters and lover’s of good and accountable governance in the federal constuency to disregard and ignore the childish, myopic and malicious rumours saying that he remained committed to his God given divine mandate to bring development and sound representation to Yagba federal constuency. Pledging that every vote cast in his favour will be highly cherished and ultimately bring collective reward for the people.

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