Moses on the verge of causing Disharmony in Kabba/Bunu

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By Adewale Ojo – Kabba
The peaceful loving people of Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area who have been living together for ages may be set against themselves through orchestrated moves by the Senior Special on Security in charge of the Local Government Area, Moses Olorunleke to cause disharmony and chaos in the area.
Information has emerged that the duo may be having sinister plans of promoting Bunu agenda as against Kabba district that form the majority of the council area with 9 wards against 6 wards.
According to an impeccable source, the long mutual arrangement and peaceful coexisting of the two districts may be jeopardize as it is alleged that the 50 slots of Community Policing allocated to Local Government Area were not distributed in accordance with the existing ratio of 60% t0 40% rather, the SSA using his influence only gave 17 slots to Kabba district while 33 slots to Bunu district which represent ratio 35% to 65% to Kabba and Bunu respectively.
It is now a public knowledge that the SSA is nursing an ambition to continue to relegate Kabba district in the scheme of things as it is evident in his four years as Administrator of the council, he could not point to one single projects in Kabba district, stressing that even 85% of his appointees were from Bunu his kinsmen.
Some political watchers who doesn’t want their names mentioned called on Governor Yahaya Bello and the leadership of All Progressive Congress in Kabba/Bunu to call him to order in other not to cause chaos in the area, pointing out that his recent action may not promote peace and unity among the two districts.

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