May We Be As Loyal As CEDO

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By Evang. K.F. Fanwo
I have read a lot of comments here on the choice of CEDO and the rationale behind the celebrations trailing the choice.
To some, CEDO has been over-celebrated and almost put in the position of the Governor. Some feel you can only be safe when you celebrate CEDO.
The choice of the person you celebrate is personal. To us in the New Direction Government, CEDO is a gift of inestimable value, a servant any Principal would crave for.
His powers is generated from the trust reposed in him by his Principal. He can take any bullet to protect his Boss. He is brilliant, versatile, organized, pragmatic, informed and ready to LEAD. He circulates and feel the impulse of the followers.
When some of his people were still dwelling in the dubiety of ethnic sentiments, he broke out of the blocks to promote a united front that Yahaya Bello represented in 2015 and still represent till date.
I was in the Stadium on August 29, 2015 when an Igala man pointed at him and called him names. Unknown to them, he was helping to build a new Kogi State where leaders look at need rather than ethnic bias. He has brought a unifier. He believed in the unifier. He promoted the unifier. He supported the unifier and gave up his job to see the dream come through. We are in that reality today.
The fact remains that only a few believed a Yahaya Bello could be Governor in 2015. CEDO believed. Asiwaju believed. Jagaban believed. Nda Aaron believed and many others. That belief is what we have in place today.
If you can’t give what CEDO gives, you can’t take what he is taking. He is a classless soul. A ferocious fighter who doesn’t believe in failure.
Now I have a Governor who is treating all ethnic groups equitably and justifiably. GYB won’t be there forever. But he has set a template for others to follow.
Instead of castigating CEDO, let us learn from his loyalty and submission as well as the readiness to support and defend his boss.
He is enjoying the fruits of his labor today.
Congratulations CEDO. We know you will excel as the number two man. God bless you BOSS.
May Kogi Succeed.

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