MATTERS ARISING: The Suspension of Twitter in Nigeria

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By Adam Okene Ahmed
NDA Kaduna
Now I think PMB has really come to life, resonating his memorious past. Twitter was outwardly n outrageously sentimental & prejudiced. The President didn’t say anything too bad.
He only reminded the criminal arsonists killing security agents, burning barracks, releasing prisoners, burning cattle, stealing arms from police & custom armories, burning INEC offices & robbing banks that there’s a limit to brutal terrorism & deliberative waging war against the state.
He reminded them of the Civil war of the past which to my mind too the IPOB, ESN & their allied ‘stern gangs’ haven’t remembered & learnt lessons. Then the editing & subsequently deleting of Mr Presid acct.
Twitter MUST render apology to PMB & the Nigerians. Where was Twitter when all these crimes are waged against the state? There are many ways to reach the globe, audiences & targeted groups beyond twitter.
Good move by the Govt. Now, I admire Mr Lai Mohammed if this suspension was his idea.
Media will always claim holiness & sacredness which a critical mind easily decipher. The media is structurally two ways: good or bad; positive or negative.
Two pronged; constructive or destructive. In most & not all cases, who pays the bills determine where the pendulum swings! Those that are sponsored by MacArthur, Rothschild n Rockefeller & Bill & Malinda Foundations like Sahara Reporters, Cables etc will dance to the bell, tone & tune of the Freemasonry & Synthetic Zionist deconstructive cards even if they have to twist facts or work against the stability of their countries.
We saw this at play during the so- called Lekki ‘Massacre’ until the hollowness & fabricated lies came to the fore. Go back to see the direction of the ‘conditioned’ n ‘sponsored’ media in the recent so- called Sowore protest! To their gorilla- ness, the word ‘shot’ & the likes were used. Infact, they even named a female police officer who ‘shot’ him.
When the clips came out, it was obvious that the smoke of the teargas has not reached him, when Sowore pretentiously fell down & was ‘rushed’ to the hospital.
May be because I teach military history, war & warfare, I know the dysfunctional consequences of war & the negative impacts of the destruction of an organized state.
May be because I saw what the Illuminati & Zionist sponsored ‘Arab Springs’ did to Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq among others that I prefer a dictatorship of a ‘mad man’ like Gen Sisi of Egypt who jail journalists & kill his agitating peoples without due process of law than a destructive nation like Yemen where children & women are killed daily n hunger has become national normative tragedy; I prefer an intellectual, mental & highly critical agitation than the BH & IPOB styles of vicious violence & massive genocidal massacres

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