Kogi Speaker was never booed in Govt House, stop the lies and politics of hatred

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Our attention has been drawn to the fake news published on one of the National Daily online news and few other online blogs.

We would not have bothered to dignify the purported fake news authored by a supposed journalist now turned politician but to put the record straight and to keep the unsuspected reading public abreast of what really happened at the public office holders and stakeholders of the ruling All Progressives Congress meeting held in Govt House Lokoja.

It is evidently clear that the writer is only out to satisfy his greed and fulfill the mandate of his paymasters which has led him to deliberately author the lies and spread hates against the person and office of the Right Honourable Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly, Kolawole Olushola Matthew without no just cause.

It will be recalled that Senator Jibril Isah Echocho, Engr. Abubakar Ohere and Rt. Hon. M.O Kolawole were requested to speak on behalf of East, Central and West Senatorial Districts respectively and the Speaker noted the giant strides of Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration in Kogi West with reference to the first ever flyover bridge and other infrastructural developments that will remain his legacies in the state, stressing that no other administrations will surpass him in this regards.

He noted with emphasis that it was during late Governor Adamu Atta’s administration in Kwara State, an Ebira man,that Kabba metropolis got the kind of quality road projects being done by Governor Yahaya Bello, also an Ebira man. He went ahead and said if possible, he would have preferred another Ebira man to continue after Governor Yahaya Bello.

It will be good to note that this statement was not made to propose or promote an Ebira agenda or to spite other ethnic nationalities in Kogi State as regards who succeeds HE, Alhaji Yahaya Bello as Governor after his tenure in 2024 aside the fact his administration has made concerted efforts to unite and act in accordance to strengthen equity, fareness and justice in all of his actions and inactions since 2016.

That the Speaker was booed to the point that police men were invited to calm down the rowdy session was a fantastic lie from the pit of hell, what would police officers with guns be doing inside the hall when meeting was ongoing and the executive Governor was seated.

Again, the writer also related his falsehood to the release of the INEC list of which the name of the Speaker, who is the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress in Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency was not among. It is crystal clear that the writer is bereft of the way and manner things are done as regards any matter in court; that INEC cannot act on the APC candidacy of Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency because the issue is still before a competent court of judirition which will be decided in few days

However, for emphasis sake , the Speaker only made the statement to eulogize the giant efforts of Governor Yahaya Bello but not to ridicule anyone or tribes in the state who are interested to contest for the office of the Executive Governor of Kogi State.
Besides, the New Direction Administration leader, has said that a system through which his successor will emerge has been developed to ensure and guarantee smooth transition in 2024, a system he will align himself with for the well-being of the state.

We hereby want to say categorically that Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole being the head of the legislative arm will continue with his colleagues to carry out their constitutional duties of making laws that will promote good governance and prosperity of Kogi State, that those spreading falsehood against him are only afraid of his rising political profile.

Femi Olugbemi
CPS to the Speaker

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