Kogi East Should Allow Power to Remain in Central or West—Pleads Group

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A Group known as Citizens for Equity Fairness and Justice on Friday pleaded with the people of Kogi east to allow power to remain in either central or west.

The President of the group, Mallam Mohammed Abubakar made the appeal during a press conference held at Nigeria Union of Journalist in Lokoja.

According to him, under law marginalisation is illegal and under God, marginalisation is injustice and immoral.

He noted that number one requirement for the governance of Kogi State today is competent leadership stressing that the second requirement is the need for equity, fairness and justice.

The President added that if voting power is the only qualification or criteria for ruling, how come it is not only the people of the Northern part of Nigeria that produces the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Nigeria has had Presidents from the North, South West, South East/South South, who were all voted for by all Nigerians in the past twenty years of democratic experience from 1999 to date.

“Equally, Kogi State is the only state in Nigeria where the Senatorial areas are divided along the major tribes in the state, just like Nigeria as a country.

” Kogi State is the only state where a particular Senatorial Zone has not produced and Governor where then is the fairness and equity.

“If Nigeria can rotate and shift power for fairness, justice and equity, for peace and unity to reign, it is time for equitable opportunity to govern Kogi State,” he said.

According to him, for the past 20 years, Kogi East has ruled for 16 years and Kogi Central for 4years stressing that fairness demands that Kogi West or Central be given the opportunity unless there are no competent people there.

“There is no monopoly of competence anywhere, the Nigerian Constitution recognises Nigeria ethnic diversity and the fact that majority numbers only lead to injustice and unfairness, enshrined federal character for equitable distribution of positions and opportunities to contribute to national development.

” Kogi State is part of Nigeria and injustice to one is injustice to all. It is time to stop the injustice in Kogi State.

” Power sharing is a principle that is based on fairness, equity and justice not numbers, so the excuse of voting power has never prevailed over what is right and what is fair.

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