Impeachment; You Are A Rubber Stamp—Group Carpets Kogi Lawmakers 

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Kogi Patriotic Group has berated the impending decision of the Kogi State House Assembly of plans to remove the state deputy governor, Elder Simon Achuba over his revelation of corrupt practices in the state. 

A statement by the spokeperson of of the group, Abdul Abdul issued on Wednesday described the decision of the Assembly members to embark on such undemocratic act, as an evidence of rubber stamp and working with the state government to perpetrate corrupt tendencies. 

He said the state lawmakers rather than  embark on investigation of the grievous allegations of financial misappropriation, against the state government, has resorted into witch hunting the deputy governor against the corrupt tendencies of the state and its officials.

Abdul alleged that the decision of the state lawmakers, was in line with their plans to Install the governor’s Chief of Staff, so as to create immunity to unleash the thuggery activities on the people of the state. 

He urged the lawmakers not to embark on such illegality,capable of overheating the polity towards the November governorship election in the state. 

Abdul said the action of the lawmakers was a glaring collusion with the state government, having underplay their oversight functions of scrutinizing the books of the state, creating room for wanton fraud and financial profligacy. 

He described kogi lawmakers as inexperienced set of people, who are only interested in their personal welfare rather than the state and its people.

Abdul advised kogi deputy governor, Simon Achuba to immediately proceed to court to halt the current moves at removing him from the seat of the deputy governor. 

He appealed to the political class to rally round the deputy governor, in his quest to liberate the state from the shackles of bad leadership.

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