Ijumu Constituency House of Assembly Mandate:A SANCROSANT WILL OF MY PEOPLE THAT CAN NOT BE SUBVERTED…

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By Otunba, Saliu, Raphael Adewale.
It is not out of place to remind oursleves of the sayings that ”a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step”.
Ruminating on how this struggle started some years back, it always makes me feel satisfied and all I can say now is Glory be to God.
The journey has been unnerving, tasking and at the same time enthralling, gripping and noteworthy.
Politically, the passion to be of assistance to my beloved people has been burning in me since i was a child, the LEADERSHIP traits in me was also discovered by our able leaders/ elders in my University days and I have been an ardent follower of their foot steps..
I have been a card carrying member of our great and people oriented party PDP from inception deploying my resources, time and energy to the activities of the party in my ward, LGA, Senatorial and the State at large.
In 2015, I was appointed to serve as SSA3 {council Secretary}by the former governor of the state Alh.Idris Wada.
I accepted the appointment simply because of my desire to bring governance/dividends of democracy closer to my people..
Having garnered enough management, networking, negotiating, problem solving and administrative experience from my sales and marketing carrier and with my political experience armed with the fact that it’s the turn of my community to produce the next member according to our zoning/ rotational arrangements,
I decided to contest after a wide and exhaustive consultations with the major stakeholders in my family, ward and Constituency at large.
This decision was generally accepted and encouraged by all.
Vis-à-vis this, I obtained the Application, Nomination, express of Interest forms and went for the Primary Elections.
Going by my antecedents, pedigree and general acceptability by the masses, I won the election which was free, fair, and transparent convincingly. Having been elected as the Peoples Democratic Party’s flag bearer, wider consultations, sensitization and mobilization kick-started.
The Party, through the leaders and the candidates of National Assembly, Hon Teejay Yusuf and Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye Campaigned vigorously for the 3 of us. We canvassed round the 15 wards in Ijumu Constituency more than 5 times, taking it from street to street and house to house.
Even though, we noticed the inactive/passive campaign nature of other Candidates/Parties, we continued with our aggressive grassroots mobilization.
As the election draws closer , we started getting informations about how the ruling party was stockpiling arms and ammunition. We were not bothered believing that the law enforcement agencies will take care of that.
Unfortunately, we were wrong because during our campaign to Odokoro town, we were mercilessly attacked by the APC thugs led by Ijumu LGA Administrator with all sorts of weapons, our people sustained various degrees of injuries while some of our vehicles were damaged.
Even though, above was reported to the constituted authority, the attack did not stop as siege was laid on my town, Egbeda Egga and many PDP strongholds whisking our Strong members into detention two days to election.
On the election day, the Sole Administrator in his characteristic manner led five vehicles loaded with armed thugs, moving from one ward to another shooting sporadically and attacking voters/PDP but our people remained resolute as they continued with the process.
The worst happened at the Collation Center, INEC Office, Iyara when they came with already written results and numerous numbers of vehicles fully loaded with weapons/explosive and thugs.
It got to a stage when a security agent advised me to leave the scene as they were about to announce the authentic result which favours me and my party PDP.. and I might be attacked ..
Few minutes later, the PDP Agent at the Centre called to inform me that a strange result emerged from nowhere and he was asked to signed but he refused.
He said while the argument lasted, the INEC Officials carried their bags and left without any formal announcement. They’ve forgotten that THE WILL OF MY BELOVED PEOPLE CAN NOT BE SUBVERTED ..
Our results from each polling unit on form EC 8 A was collated in each ward and we won convincingly with wide margin..
It’s pertinent to let our teeming supporters know that we won convincingly in 13 out of the 15 wards and for those of us that are familiar with Ijumu we won in Ijumu Arin, Gbedde and Ijumu Oke.. Gbedde and Ijumu Arin has the largest number of voters and we won convincingly in these axis…
There’s no gainbsaying the fact that Ijumu unanimously came together and gave us their mandate and nobody can subvert the will of the most unanimous and united entity in Nigeria..
While we awaits the outcome of the whole process, I am appealing to our teeming supporters and the good people of Ijumu constituency to remain calm and law abiding..
The mandate freely given to SYNERGY YOUR SON cannot be stolen by anybody, no matter how highly placed and connected.
With all the overwhelming evidences at our disposal, victory is sure , it can only be delayed for a while but certainly, IT CAN NOT BE DENIED!
Mahatma Gandi an Indian Activist and Freedom Fighter once said ” *Strength* does not come from physical capacity.it *comes* from an indomitable *will* ”
My sincere appreciation goes to my party wonderful leaders,the elites the women, our versatile youths stakeholders, Excos, friends, members of my family, associates,, people of Ijumuland and others too numerous to mention here for the unwavering, unalloyed and unflinching supports, your prayers, calls , messages,before, during and after the election .
By His grace, we shall sing the song of victory in a short while. AMEN!
Thank you all and remain blessed.
Otunba, Saliu, Raphael Adewale.{SYNERGY}

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