I see a great intellectual revolution, in PDP, I see comrade Austin Okai helping to speed it up- by Alex Agbo

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My day has been made by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) this afternoon. I was still ruminating over the 180° turn Nigeria is making away from technology when I opened Facebook and saw one of the most cheering piece of information in recent times.
The PDP has not only adopted the electronic registration (e-registration) in its membership drive. That means a lot. It shows that PDP is a party of the times. It is abreast of the events around the world. Almost every human activity is now digital. It is the way to go.
But what’s more encouraging is that the PDP has chosen a great team for this onerous task. Two of them I know personally and about the two others, I have heard quite a number of good things about. I will like to dwell on Comrade Austin Usman Okai, who seems to be getting a call to service from all quarters.
Usman Okai Austin; known personally to me as a dogged, resilient award winning activist, he has been in the political forefront advocating for good governance and respect for human rights in Nigeria.
His love for his country is second to none. Maybe we should begin from his home state of Kogi, where he has suffered untold travails in the hands of the present administration of Governor Yahaya Bello. He was not contesting for any post, as rumours had it but was only challenging the financial impropriety of the government. For this, he has been beaten, dragged to court, detained on several occasions.
He has come out of every vicissitude greater, more determined and stronger with a bigger resolve to ensure Nigerians have what it takes to be proud of themselves.
Okai, for his hard work, commitment and goodwill, his alma mater, the Federal Polytechnic Idah, Student Union awarded him the prestigious prize of an outstanding alumni in the year 2021.
Nigeria’s foremost forensic institute, the Chartered Institute of Forensic Investigators of Nigeria (CIFIN) would follow with an award of its fellowship to Comrade Okai for outstanding contributions to the call and fight for accountability in governance in Nigeria.
Personally, I want to congratulate the hardworking Comrade on an honour and position well deserved. It is my belief that in the coming weeks, comrade Austin, whose faithfulness and dedication are top notch, serving with the excellent team under the chairmanship of HE Godwin Obaseki, Edo State Governor, would deliver on the mandate on which this task is based.
One of the key mandates that caught my attention is the drive towards getting youths and young professionals into the party’s fold. PDP over the years has been a youth friendly party. This task is a very important one because the party seeks to outlive the present generation.
I see a great intellectual revolution that would take our dear country to greater heights. I see the PDP ushering that revolution. I see comrade Okai helping to speed it up.
More power to your elbow, able comrade.
God bless our great party, the People’s Democratic Party.
Power to the people!
Alex Agbo, writer and researcher writes from Lagos.

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