Hajj 2023; Kogi pilgrims embarks on Umrah to Mecca

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Pilgrims from Kogi state who are performing the 2023 Hajj exercise, will be embarking on Umrah Al Tammatu (obligatory before Hajj). In the Holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia today.

According to official source from the Kogi Hajj Commission, in Saudi Arabia, the pilgrims are expected to be in the state of Ihram, Intention for pilgrimage

They must first enter a state of ihram, a holy state, upon reaching the Miqat. This is the principal boundary through which Muslim pilgrims intending to perform the pilgrimage must cross.

Here, Pilgrims wash and cleanse themselves after reaching the miqat, then take off their stitched clothes and put on the Ihram attire.

The pilgrims then declare their intention to enter ihram, and have to recite the talbiyah, a prayer.

In order to reach the Kaaba, pilgrims must say it repeatedly. At the Kaaba, they must approach the Black Stone while uttering takbir (Allahu Akbar).

While in Haram, the Tawaf is then performed, which involves circling the Kaaba seven times and kissing the Black Stone every time they pass it or point at it from afar.

A pilgrim should pray two rakats after completing Tawaf. These prayers are only valid if the pilgrim recited the du’aa: supplication throughout each of the seven circles.

To complete all seven rounds, the pilgrim should finish the seventh exactly where they began.

Pilgrims will perform the Sa’I: Seven rounds between Safa and Marwah in worship.

Once Tawaf is completed, Sa’I begins between Safa and Marwa, by walking between the two points. To see the holy Kaaba from the Safa door with supreme devotion and love, pilgrims must ascend the hill of Safa.

Then, they must climb down again and move towards the hill of Marwah whilst reciting ‘Subhan Allah’ and approaching the two green pillars. They have to repeat this act seven times, each round.

In order to complete the Sa’i, the male pilgrims must shave or shorten their hair, while the women must cut their hair in half or less.

Umrah duas and supplications
Allah has given humanity the gift of dua, an incredibly personal means of connecting and communicating with Him.

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