Group endorses Muri Ajaka for Governor

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A group, Concerned Kogi Youth for positive change (CKYPC) has extolled the leadership VIRTUES OF the deputy publicity secretary of the ruling party APC whom it described as a leader, a legend of many possibilities;.

The group expressed passionate concerns about the dwindling socio-economic fortunes of Kogi State and its citizenry and eulogies the Sterling leadership qualities of Hon Murtala Yakubu Ajaka as the right man to occupy the Lugard house come 2023.

The group argues that if Muri Ajaka is voted into office as governor, in 2023, Kogi state would become a classic case study in development economics.

According to the National coordinator of the group, Prince Opaluwa Omera Ugbede, Hon Muri Ajaka dynamics and pragmatic encapsulated all the vision for a modern, fast growing state nurtured to capture all the dreams and aspirations of the great majority of the people.

Kogi state is a trailblazer. Muri Ajaka is a visionary leader and is set to effectively mobilize the latent human potential and resource endowment of the state to overcome the myriad of problems that mitigates against development.

“Kogi under Muri Ajaka is going to be the first with the new. As things now stand, we may have to move backwards to move forward. Muri Ajaka Midas touch is needed to get things working in kogi state. if ever there was a born leader, Muri is one for Kogi State. we, therefore, enjoin all well-meaning sons and daughters of kogi state to give our development a chance with yet a rendition of Muri Ajaka visionary, better- life focused leadership. the space in lugard house needs filling, the group stated.

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