Group Appeal to Police IG to Retrieve Illegal Arms in Kogi

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An appealed has gone to Acting Inspector General of Police, Adamu Muhammed to put in place mechanism that would quickly retrieve the several arms presently in the hands of youths in Kogi state.

The call was made yesterday by the Acting President of Save Kogi Movement, Commodore Daniel Folorunsho, following purification of illegal arms in the state.

According to him, several arms given to youths during the last general election in the state needs to be retrieved, stating that the State is now under siege.

He described the rate of kidnapping and Armed Robbery as worrisome in the state.

Commodore Daniel who spoke with newsmen after the meeting of Save Kogi Movement held in Lokoja today, said the Movement is a committee of like minds coming together to look at the position of Kogi State.

In his words, ” We are calling on the Inspector General of Police to make sure he retrieves all illegal arms because in Kogi State during the last election there were too many arms in circulation, illegal arms”.

Commodore Daniels described security as all encompassing and multifaceted, lamented that it is unfortunate that government that is only placing emphasis on physical security, abandoning other issues of securities that come together to form the composite security.

” If food security is not addressed you can be sure that all these structures they thought they are putting in places would not work. A hungry man is an angry man. If you push somebody who is starving to the wall there is nothing he would not do to feed himself.

” These people, when you arm them and they are hungry after election they would go into robbery, Kidnapping and all kinds of vices. So we are calling on all security agencies especially the commissioner of police in Kogi State, the Inspector General of Police, to come to the aid of the State because another election is coming because if these arms and ammunitions are not retrieved we are in trouble.”

The Acting President said, ” amidst committee of other States. We found out that the Governance in the State vis a vis that of other States is far from what we expect. The objectives of this movement is not concerned about who rules Kogi State but we are concerned about who should not be in the next dispensation of Governance. We have assessed past Governments, this particular one has not favoured the state and we thought Gov. Yahaya Bello should not continue to rule us beyond 2020″ he said.

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