Group Advocates Removal of Inconclusive Clauses From The Electoral Act.

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A group has advocated for the removal of the enabling clause of inconclusive elections from the electoral act due to non adherents to it’s effectiveness in some areas of our elections.
The State coordinator of Nigeria National volunteer service, (NNVS), kogi State, Hon Ibrahim Itodo who made this known in a press statement issued in Lokoja on Saturday said they were advocating for its total removal because elections are based on a simple majority, and wondered why the electoral umpire would declare an election inconclusive where there is already a clear winner.
According to him, the advocacy has become necessary due to deep desperation of politicians who desired to win elections by any means.
He noted that when an election is declared inconclusive it creates an opportunity for desperate politicians and their cohorts to subvert the process against the will of the people.
“How sure is INEC that total registered voters will always vote in an election, when elections are conducted and are sorted, INEC should announce results.
“The 9th National Assembly should critically look at our electoral act and do the needful on necessary amendments before 2023 general elections so that the people’s mandate will be respected.
“Our further advocacy is to support the president on the enforcement of strong punishment for those involved in the disruption of our electoral processes. If a thug snatch any ballot box he/she should be shot, if such strong penalty is institutionalized it will reduce the rate of ballot box snatchers in order to subvert the election.
“Finally when elections are concluded and sorting begins an armed security agent should be properly positioned to prevent any thug or party agents from the disruption of the people’s mandate.
“I hope the 9th National Assembly will do Justice to these suggestions to give meaning to Democratic Governance if our votes will count in the future elections.

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