Governor of a State Is Not Only Attractive But Lucrative—Says Ex-Kogi Gov.

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The former Governor of Kogi State, Chief Clarence Olafemi and also member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has said that governor of a State is not only attractive but lucrative.

He stated this yesterday while reacting to statement credited to some governorship aspirants of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) following their inability to purchase the PDP Governorship Nomination Form at the close of form purchase deadline.

According to him it is pertinent to state in clear terms that the positioning of Governor of a State is not only attractive but lucrative stressing that this was a reason why everybody desire it and wants to be there one day.

His words, “We all know that being in that position attracts power, influence and goodwill as such so desired by all that some people will do everything possible desperately to have it.

“For any one to attain that position and any other position for that matter needs very honest self appraisal before putting your hat in the ring.You need to ask yourself in the process some very honest questions,am I qualified to contest the position?, if yes do I have the resources to cope?, do I also have the structure on ground to lean on to ensure victory?

He said after giving a honest self appraisal and give honest answers to the above questions, then and only then one should decide to plunge into the contest and if along the struggle you feel you can not continue you honourably withdraw quietly or pursue another goal and leave the rest to God.

“It is however sad to note that some of our esteemed Governorship Aspirants are reverting to complaints, blackmail and all sort of damaging statements against the party over what they call high cost of nomination forms.

“The question is the fees for nomination and expression of intent forms were released over 2 months ago so why is the complaint coming at the close of collection when some even though they said it’s affordable but were unable to purchase them?
Blaming the party and pouring all sort of venom on it is to say the least very unfortunate,”.

He therefore appealled to people of conscience among the aspirants to kindly tow the path of honor by either picking the forms or if they cannot they should quietly bow out and not rock the boat of the party.

“What we rightly observe is that most people are never equipped enough for the contest but they come with a bait whereby they will gamble with some few Naira and the moment they get the ticket they become a liability on the party.

“We experienced this at the last General Election especially House of Assembly election where after winning at the primaries of the party most candidates don’t have a Kobo of their own to prosecute the election.

“I want use this medium to appeal to all Aspirants to be conscientious enough to tow the bath of honor to stop blaming the party for their inability to purchase the forms.

“We should also understand that as a student wanting to write exams it is not within your purview to set the question for yourself.

“There are 4 authorities which me must follow to get the work done. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended, the Electoral Act of the Parliament, the PDP Constitution and the Party Guidelines.

All these authorities are established to ensure that anarchy does not reign,” he stated

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