FG and China to Set Up Transformer Manufacturing Industry in Kogi

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Security is a panacea for economic and industrial prosperity of any society all over the world. The effort of the current administration of His Excellency, Yahaya Bello is yielding positive result with both public and private investors trooping into the confluence state for economic opportunities.

For his bold and ingenious revival of our state security architecture where life and property of all citizens and residents of our dear state are now protected, for his idealistically inspired courage and audacious belief to transform Kogi State from Civil Service state to an industrial hub of the nation in the near future, Kogi is now a safe haven for industrialists and inventors.

Nigeria and China have signed a deal to start manufacturing transformers in a N4bn facility in Kogi State. About 60 Nigerian engineers are being sent to China now to learn in their factories how transformers are made. there is no doubt that this company will engage our youth thereby reducing unemployment and availability of electrical tools.

with what is happening in the state today, even those with hallucinatory realism now believe Kogi State under the leadership of His Excellency, Yahaya Bello is heading for prosperity.

By Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State Governor.

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