Don't Allow Personal Interest To Jeopardize Our Collective Interest, MFD Urges Yagba Leaders

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Cdre Michael Folusho Daniel rtd (MFD) has urged the leaders in Yagba land not to allow their personal interest to jeopardize the collective interest of the people of Yagba in entirety.

Daniel, a PDP Chieftain, who is also one of the foremost leaders in Yagba, made the call at a forum on Sunday

According to him, the real problem Yagba is facing is leadership issue as some people want their personal agenda to become Yagba agenda, thereby jeopardizing the general interest of Yagba people.

”They want their personal fight to become Yagba fight. They thought their personal interest should be synonymous with Yagba interest.

”Yagba would have been a lot better only if we talk the walk and walk the talk. But we double deal and double speak most often,” Daniel said.

The former lawmaker stressed that Yagba was faced with a very peculiar problem of leadership, which had worsen the present situation, saying, ”a people without a leader is like a flock of sheep without a shepherd”.

Daniel emphasized that if the issue of leadership was settled, many other things would automatically fall in place.

He added that the gospel of Yagba these days should be: “seek ye first good leadership, and all other things shall be added unto thee”.

He reiterated that there were too many Judases in Yagba, who proclaimed Yagba in the day time but unimaginable where they would be seen at night.

”Many align with Yagba when it accords with their interest; otherwise, to hell with Yagba. We need serious reorientation that will lead to “Yagba first” and to the ultimate Yagba unity.

”As at today, without sounding immodest, pretentious or pessimistic, Yagba is what Pa Awolowo called: ‘a mere geographical expression”.

”But things are getting better than before; that we can meet like this to discuss or negotiate our future as a people, is a great achievement that we must continue to leverage on.

”So, there is hope. The only problem is that we make big noise with small motion. May God help us,” he said.

Daniel, however, commended those few leaders who had continuously sought the good of Yagba in earnest and sincerity all the time, while appealing to those who want to make merchandise of Yagba, to ‘have a rethink’.

”It shall be well with Yagba, the land of my birth,” he prayed.

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