'Descendants Of Lucifer' Monitoring Kogi Chief Of Staff (Video)

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Governor Yahaya Bello’s Chief of Staff in Kogi state, Edward Onoja, has denied rumours that he was arrested by security operatives, saying that ‘descendants of lucifer’ are monitoring.

Concise News understands that Onoja, while denying the report in a video he posted on social media on Monday, said he was covered by the blood of Jesus.

The Chief of Staff also expressed confidence in governor Bello’s chances of emerging as winner of the November 16 governorship election in the Confluence State.

“I have been inundated with calls about me being arrested. I will like to categorically state that it was a lie from the pit of hell. I was never arrested, I was never invited. I have been having the best time of my life,” he said.

“I will only say that the lies were fabricated by descendants of Lucifer, believed by agents of darkness and spread by monitoring spirits.

“I remain Edward Onoja, the Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor, doing my job and focusing on the next election where my boss will get victory by the grace of God. I am covered by the blood and Jesus got my back.”

Sources concisenews.global

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