Ask Governor Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja Where is Our Money?

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By APC Stakeholders Forum

1) Unpaid salaries, pensions and gratuities for Kogi workers.
For the past 38 months including February 2019 Gov Yahaya Bello has not paid full salaries to the workers of Kogi State, despite the fact that the state received full allocation from Federation Account as detailed below:

Total Statutory allocation, Excess Crude & VAT Received N132 billion
Internally Generated Revenue by the State N51 billion
Total Allocations to Local Governments received N111 billion
Source: Federal Ministry of Finance.
See attached appendix 1 and 2 for details of receipts.
2) The Governor has conducted multiple staff screening for both the state and the local governments. And from the Report of the screening, the Monthly wage bill (state, local governments and pensions) at the inception of the
administration stood at N5.8 billion. After screening, this figure reduced to N4.4 Billion.

3) From table above it is evidently clear that the total revenue received by the state Government was more than enough
to settle ALL salaries, pensions and gratuities with huge balance remaining for overheads and capital projects as
demonstrated below:

Total funds received (38 months) N294 billion
Total salaries Before screening (5.8b X 38) N220 billion
BALANCE (available for overheads & capital projects) N74 billion

Total funds received (38 months) N294 billion
Total salaries After screening (4.4b X 38) N167 billion
BALANCE (available for overheads & capital projects) N127 billion

4) It is very instructive to note that even without bailout and other funds received outside statutory allocation, Gov
Yahaya Bello could have still paid ALL salaries including pensions without conducting multiple screening and inflicting pain on Kogi State and Local Government workers. This must hurt APC at the polls.

5) Even after the screening, ALL salaries and Pensions payments were paid using arbitrary percentages, thereby still owing workers huge outstanding salaries.

6) The other funds received by the state is as below:

Bail out N20 Billion
Paris Club1, 2 & 3 N19 Billion
Refunds for Road Construction by previous government N11 Billion
If this figure is added to the total allocation received (N294 billion), this means Gov Yahaya Bello has received a total sum of N344 Billion for the 38 months he has been in charge of Kogi state and still owes salaries, pensions and
gratuities without any visible capital projects on ground anywhere in the state.

7) The non-payment of salary has brought untold hardship to the people of the state. For instance, a director, among many others committed suicide and numerous others died.

This is definitely tragic and avoidable. The local economy is dead. Most of the experienced and professorial staff of Kogi State University and the Polytechnic have left leaving the state University which is ranked amongst the best to be run by Youth Corpers. So also, most of the experienced
Doctors and Medical Staff of the state health institutions have also left for other states.

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