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By Ibrahim Itodo.
The style of leadership enshrined on humility and precision is working for the Acting Chairman and his team in repositioning All Progressive Congress (APC).
The importance of the revalidation and registration of new members cannot be over emphasized. The advantages of this new normal in solidifying the party is enormous.
1. Open Door Policy, the original meaning of democracy is demonstrated by this exercise reawakening the original meaning of democracy.
2. Sense of belonging, the revalidation and registering of new members has opened the party to the people to own it.
3. Open to Participatory Democracy:
4. Revalidation and Registration exercise gives room to competence, capacity and character, the man with competence and capacity in all fields of endeavor must come into the party to initiate innovations that can transform the party’s image for the people of Nigeria.
There is no doubt that if the ongoing exercise is properly conducted in the most transparent manner, APC will be the most widely accepted party in Nigeria. I make bold to say as a man in the opposition for the past eleven years, that His Excellency, Mala Mai Buni The Acting National Chairman of APC be given the needed support and corporation to transform the party to gain her pride as the ruling party in Nigeria.
The initial issues of the APC was those in the party perceived those outside as threats that are likely to outshine them which is a wrong perception and ideology. “Candle does not lose its light by lightening others”.
The innovation of the Acting National Chairman and his team is the greatest wisdom ever adopted in this party since inception.
The agitation of some stakeholders to stop the revalidation and registration was daunting and against participatory Democracy, if the party is allowed to be owned by the people the stronger it becomes.
Everybody should be involved in nurturing and supporting the present leadership of the party to mature through a democratic process to take root as initiated by the present National leadership.
Individual interest, religion and ethnicity must not be given any place, infact, it should be totally jettisoned.
APC should be modeled towards a Nation that is the most accepted party in Nigeria and the world at large.
Kogi State is proud of the Acting National Chairman leadership styles especially that our Governor Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello is the Chairman of the mobilization team, this appointment is described as a “square peg in a square hole”.
For Nigeria to move forward, it must be built on a solid political foundation that is devoid of internal crisis, selfish interest, religion and ethnicity.
I call on all Nigerians especially the members of the APC involved in the ongoing revalidation and the new entrance to be devoted to building Nigeria of tomorrow where our children yet unborn will be proud of the legacies left behind.
Ibrahim Itodo is the former Chairman IPAC, Kogi state coordinator Nigeria National volunteer Service/ Diaspora affairs.

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