Address By HRM Attah Igala, Dr. Michael Ameh Oboni 11, On Courtesy Visit to Buhari

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Being An Adress By HRM Attah Igala,Dr Michael Ameh Oboni II,Chairman Kogi State Traditional Council On Their Courtesy And Congratulatory Visit to President Muhammed Buhari GCFR On Wednesday 19th June 2019.


  1. On behalf of the Kogi State Traditional Council of Chiefs, we bring you warm tidings and felicitation on your re-election and inauguration into office for your second tenure. May Allah consolidate your stay for the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians.
  2. As royal fathers from Kogi state, under the First Class Banner across the 21 Local Government Areas of the state, we have come on a duty bound mission to bring you report on realities on ground about governance and general state of wellbeing of our dear state.
  3. We would like to thank you for the positive influence you have had on our Son, the Governor, His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.
  4. We would also like to thank you for intended intervention on Federal Government projects which are yet to begin in the state. We expect your full support to drive that into action after this visit.
  5. On the issue of our son, most importantly, he has done fantastically well in the area of Security and Peace building. Kogi state is adjudged by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics currently as the second most peaceful state in Nigeria. As Royal fathers with first hand reports, this is very true. Unlike the past where insecurity was high with vices such as kidnappings, armed robbery, cultism and other forms of crimes going unabated, today under Gov. Yahaya Bello, the tide has changed. We sleep with our two eyes closed. Most of the economic and social activities in Kogi state go unhindered as our people go about their activities in tranquility. He was so detailed and proactive in the Security measures that most Federal and State Highways were cleared by 20 meters each on both sides, which would make those using various highways see very far ahead of them to avoid ambushes or kidnappings of various shades by hoodlums on the highways.
  6. He has also done well with knfrastructural development within the state. Roads which have been abandoned for many years under different Governors have been reconnected back to the grid for businesses, safety of passersby and ease of travels. Across the three Senatorial districts of the state, various roads are ongoing at various stages of completion as this Council have observed. As the Chairman of this Council, the Umomi/Ajaka/Idah road is currently nearing completion. This road leads to my Palace, which is the house of the ancient stool of the Igala kingdom. Such is spread across other parts of the state.
  7. As our son, he has also demonstrated his detribalized nature in managing the complex state populated by over 6 ethnic groups. He has demonstrated this by equal distribution of Government appointments in the state without any ethnic group or groups of interests, shortchanged. This is also his style in project-spread. This has doused the tension of ethnic mistrust, religious and class distortions in Government appointments and patronage which has been the norm in the past.
  8. In reflection of his detribalized nature, he appointed an Igala man, Edward Onoja as his Chief of Staff even whilst he is Ebira, he also lifted a 63 year old embargo on some of our Festivals which were never revisited. In the same kind, he has graded and upgraded many traditional stools that has been due for decades without any attention paid to them. These efforts have translated into unity and harmony. Matching that, he has approved the building of Kogi State Government House Chapel for the Christians.
  9. Your Excellency, as much as he has done well, we would also like to appreciate you for some requests from our son which have been granted and others yet to come, which when granted will consolidate on the growth we have seen so far:
  10. We would like to thank you specifically the approval of 30.8Billion naira bailout which is the outstanding tranche of bailouts for states, meant for payments of salaries which has been a bone in the neck of our son, because as Royal Fathers, he has explained the challenge to us in that area and we understand. The final release of that sum to the state would help in defraying some arrears owed so far.
  11. We would like to specially request that you look into many Federal roads in Kogi state which are in deplorable states due to the high traffic Kogi roads suffer as it borders ten states across Nigeria, serving as a link between the North and South.
  12. We would also like to appreciate you for the approval of N11 Billion Infrastructure fund approved for work and maintenance of Federal Roads in the state.
  13. The quick Execution of roads identified under the order E7 would not only ease the lives of our people and Nigerians who ply those roads but would open up to the state to national and international socio-economic activities.
  14. We would also like to seek your special intervention for the Federal Government to take-over or provide substantial support for the Project Power Kogi East (PPKE), which intends to light up 90% of the largest Senatorial district, Kogi East which have been in perpetual darkness for decades.
  15. We would also like you to place priority on the Ajaokuta Steel Complex. The potentials of the Steel can fix unemployment issues in Kogi state through direct and indirect employment and transform the industrial hub of Nigeria.
  16. Your Excellency, we would also appeal that Kogi state be given priority in special fund support for social and agricultural programs. The Omi Dam power project is one of those examples. We would also like to appeal that Kogi as a vulnerable state along the shores of the Rivers Niger and Benue, the responses to flooding, prevention, relocation of affected victims and other matters connected therewith be of utmost importance to the National Emergency Management Authority, NEMA and the Federal Government of Nigeria, to always support the people pf Kogi State.
  17. The connection of Kogi State via rail to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory would also add value and reduce stress on our major highways, including transportation of commercial products.
  18. We appeal that you support the Government of Kogi State and our son the Governor in placing qualified Kogi citizens into key positions in your cabinet, administration and various MDAs, chief of them is the Ministerial position. We would like to request the upgrade of the Ministerial status given to Kogi state to a higher responsiblity in your cabinet based on the performance of Kogi state in the last elections that won overall 93% electoral victory; winning the state for the Presidential, winning 2/3 of the Senatorial districts, 7/9 of the Federal House of Representatives and winning 25/25 at the State Assembly Levels. This has shown that our people, the people of Kogi state are with you and for you, along with the tireless and proactive nature of our son, the Governor and his team who delivered that result which is first in the history of Kogi State.
  19. We would like to thank you for the honor in obliging our requests in coming to Kogi State on a working visit to commission the various projects which is currently at completion and others at advanced stage of completion before the November elections. As it relates to that, we would also like to make some key demands as traditional rulers, fathers and key stakeholders of our land; we have come here to tell the world that we are Royal Fathers, responsible for various domains within Kogi state. As custodians of culture and and traditions with many subjects under us, appointed by God almighty as his representatives on earth, if we do not speak without fear or favour, that is tantamount to miscarriage of responsibilities on our people. As fathers domiciled at home, knowing the past and current realities, we are coming under one roof to demand in Endorsement for His Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello to consolidate for re-election. The work he has started is with a foundation, the type we have never witnessed in Kogi state before, especially peace and security, we therefore ask that your support is also needed to ensure this journey of growth without political abortion . We have read in different media platforms how people who are not at home with us sponsor various types of propaganda and fake news that belongs to only them in the diaspora, we as custodians of our people and culture know better. They have called themselves stakeholders, even though we do not know them except when elections are here. We would like to appeal that maintenance of peace is our topmost priority. Kindly ensure that a compact and cohesive team of party members are sent to supervise activities of the state, placing our peace and Security above any other political interests, ensuring that moles who pose as stakeholders are not allowed to tamper with the peace and Security of Kogi state.

We are firm and resolute in our decision, after studying the various groups and interests vying for the position and we have decided to pitch our tent here, for the sake of posterity, fairness, equality and growth of our dear state.

Thank you and the almighty God in heaven continue to preserve you throughout your tenure.

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