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Sen. Dino Melaye


By Tunde Usman

I am not comfortable writing this but will be happy to be truthful as long as it’s to the benefit of Kogites. I know people will call me tomorrow to ask questions about this writeup but I need to do this for the wellbeing of Kogi people. I need to do this to be comfortable with my conscience.

DINO MELAYE IS THE BEST CANDIDATE PDP can present to take Yahaya Bello off his Lugard seat in Kogi state.

I am not a fan of Dino Melaye and will never be his fan until he changes his childish attitude to life and which I have criticized on this platform severally. Kogi people are obviously tired of Yahaya Bello’s crude, insensitive and autocratic way of governance. They urgently desired a change of government, they don’t just need “anybody” to correct the anomalies in the state but a strong voice that can match Yahaya Bello, they need a radical and confrontational personality that can give Yahaya Bello political high blood pressure and unseat him for Kogi people to heave a sigh of relieve……… Who can PDP present that has the popularity, the charisma, the will, the effrontery and the political sagacity to weigh Yahaya Bello down?

I am not happy writing anything in favour of Dino Melaye because of his lifestyle that depict him less than a mature and organized personality who prefer showoffs and making the loudest noise in the National Assembly about things that can’t directly benefit his people but the truth must be told at all times, Dino can proudly point to constituency projects that have direct impact on his people than Yahaya who is a seating Governor in Kogi state today.

Yahaya Bello is loud but Dino is louder, Yahaya Bello is stubborn and rugged but Dino is a “cockroach” that you can’t just flush down your toilet with a bucket of water. Yahaya Bello has wasted his time making Dino so popular in Kogi state, He practically marketed Dino to a political limelight and Dino needs to take that advantage NOW to becoming the next Governor of Kogi state. Dino is not a nice guy, He only took advantage of Yahaya Bello insensitivity to be this popular in Kogi state and someone should tell him to be smart enough in taking his chances now. Dino won his last Senatorial election not because his people love him that much but because people hate the governor with passion. What happened in the last kogi West Senatorial Election between Dino Melaye and Smart Adeyemi was a pure protest vote against the seating governor.

Let me warn PDP in Kogi state, if you guys are serious, ready and really want to unseat Yahaya Bello, don’t bring up a gentleman or a Lilly-livered candidate to contest against Yahaya Bello. What you PDP needs is a lousy, stubborn, radical, vocal and someone who understands Yahaya’s game from onset……..”omo ina lan ransi ina”

I am saying this because I will rather spend my time correcting Dino of his lousiness than see people dying of hunger in my state…….between black and red Devil syndrome.

Why is PDP so quiet about their governorship candidate till now, what are they scared of? Governorship election is November here and nothing seems to be going on in term of rigorous marketing of your candidate. You don’t dine with the Devil if you are not his In-law. To rescue power from Yahaya is not by been quiet………”omoburuku lojotiti e”, this is the time to take advantage of Dino’s rascality and his bravery to get this Pharaoh out of Lugard’s house.

Sincerely speaking, Dino Melaye is not my kind of best representative but I will prefer him to Yahaya Bello who is so politically disabled to know that we have left Egypt for a long time and we don’t need him to return us back even if he can’t advance us to promise land.

Someone should tell Dino Melaye that the Senatorial ticket in his hand is not his calling but a bigger assignment awaits him.

This is my opinion which is never a subject of inducement from any quarter but a serious move to liberate my people from the shackles of autocracy and tyranny.

Kogi state is bigger than Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja.

I don’t know the next governor of Kogi state but I surely know Yahaya Bello is not the next governor of that state.

Credit: Tunde Usman

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