Re: On Allege Faleke Comments

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By Dr Tom Ohikere
I will like to reiterate that no amount of cheap blackmail by the PDP and their agents can crack the unity and cohesion currently being enjoyed by my party, the APC as it gears up towards our day of victory. When the already crumbling PDP in kogi state will succumb to utter wreckage.
I have seen some write-ups purportedly written by stakeholders in the Audu/ Falake camp of Kogi State APC castigating GYB and his administration for non-performance, and neglect of the people.
It is no longer news that Kogi State APC was enmeshed in attritious contention as a result of the crisis that followed the emergence of Yahaya Bello as the governor of Kogi State after the abrupt demise of our leader, Prince Abubakar Audu. In the heat of the moment, tempers have flared and outrageous accusations have been made.
But such crisis and heated exchanges are not particular to the APC, all parties round the world have had such moment, especially when a strong leader passes on leading to factions within the party, and in a democratic setting there must be jostling for ascendancy leading to crisis of interests, articulation of interests and eventually crisis resolution as one political family.
Many, who expressed themselves then, were within their right to do so, that is why it is a party of progressives; members can hold opinions, disagree and eventually agree.
But the APC in Kogi State has moved beyond that, and has put in place machineries and platforms for interests to be harmonized, grievances articulated, accommodated and conciliated.
Let me also note that in the course of our intra- party altercation, many prominent individuals of the state APC distanced themselves from the actions and activities of the new government, and even criticized from afar. I myself was not immune. I have made critical comments on the state of affairs in the ensuing melee.
Similarly, after the mediation by the National leadership of the party and the reconciliation of members, and the emergence of new and warmer rapprochement within the party, when the initially disaffected stakeholders of the party now had the opportunity to come back to the state and look at issues and achievements of the government from a closer vantage point, only to realizes the enormity of the successes recorded, and the enormity of misinformation and propaganda of the PDP and their allies. Even Faleke himself as a good party and sportsman has since discarded such perspective.
They say a stitch in time saves nine, and we are lucky to have gotten our house in order and close ranks before we are carefully mislead according to their grand scheme to work their way back to power after they were massively rejected by the people and dislodged by the APC in 2015.
The PDP are intimidated by the new found love within the APC that has been enticing members of the opposition political parties leading to every day defections in their ranks and returns to the fold of the progressives. With this momentum, November 16 is sure for the APC.

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